Just another little fun happening here at our house. Jace is officially sleeping through the night. I feed him his last meal at 10:00 PM and then lay him down for the night, and then he doesn't wake up again until 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning to eat again! Conner was the same way, but boy is it nice to have Jace do the same thing! I give mad props to all the gals out there that get up every two hours during the night for like three months straight because I would be a mad zombie!

My Sweet Boys

Jace is starting to smile like crazy now, and it just melts my heart! He's such a sweet little guy, and Jess and I both say that he's going to be a little momma's boy!

May Aunt Karen sent Jace this way cute blanket, and outfit! I love love it! Thanks Karen! We can't wait to make it over to your guy's way sometime soon! : )

How can you not love this cute little face! He's such a great big brother. This was him today when Jace and I went in to get him from after his nap. I asked him if he wanted to get out, and he kept saying no, then he saying Jace and pointing as his pillow. After I figured out what he wanted I just laughed. He's so funny, and so darn cute! He wanted his little brother to hang out with him in his crib for a little while!

Looking at this picture of them next to each other, I can't believe how much Jace has grown! He's filled out so much from when he was born! They still look so much alike to me!

Happy Birthday Aunt Tay : )....

On the 19th, last Saturday we made our way up to Moses Lake for the weekend to spend Aunt Taylor's birthday with her. Conner had tons of fun, and Taylor made out with some way fun presents. We went bowling, and Conner had tons of fun playing on the slip n slide. He's so grown up now! It's fun to just be able to sit back and watch him play.

Taylor is such a good aunt!

I love these next three series of pictures! Jess grabbed Conner and attempted to throw him down the slip n slide on the side of the slide. Conner wasn't to sure about it, but he didn't slide very well either. Poor little guy always getting picked on by his dad!

Bowling was lots of fun too! Conner was way more into it this time then the last time we took him which was like almost a year ago. Personally bowling isn't my most favorite thing to do, but it was lots of fun to go with my family and hang out. I guess why I don't really like it is because I stink at it big time! Even with bumpers I think that Taylor beat me every time.

Conner thought that the ball returner thingy was pretty cool. I was just waiting for him to smash a finger, but surprisingly enough he never did.

Part of the crew.

Conner wasn't a bad little bowler. I guess he gets that from his dad!
Jess is so competitive, and he can bowl pretty good!
Don't mind the crazy face that I'm pulling, but I just wanted to add this picture, because after every time that Conner or someone else went Conner would just clap and go all crazy! He was cracking us up!

Tay is a pretty good bowler herself!

Doing her victory dance!

We bowled two games and this is what Jace did the entire time! He is such a great little guy!

Waiting for his ball!

Yes, it only took him like 5 seconds to get almost all the way to the pins! Little stinker.

I was so embarrassed!

The Thursday before we went to Moses Lake for Tay's birthday the boys and I went over to go swimming with my mom and sisters! I hadn't taken Conner yet this summer, so I was excited to see how he would do! He did great! He loves the water, so it's kind of scary! He would just take off down the slides and some of them were in the deeper end. He wouldn't even wait until there was someone to catch him, so there were plenty of near drowning experiences! I am so sold now on putting him in swimming lessons next year! It makes me way to nervous to not have him learn asap how to swim since he seriously has no fear!

I brought this hat for Jace to sport at the pool, but he never even got to wear it. We had some friends there that were sitting in the shade, so they were so sweet to keep an eye on Jace for me while I played Baywatch rescuing my 18 month old from all of his near death experiences. : ) What a cutie! : )


Jace's Room

Jace is now taking over Conner's old room. I wasn't going to paint the room until after I had Jace since he was going to be in our room for awhile, but I started painting it the day before I had Jace hoping that it would cause me to go into labor. No luck there, but atleast we got all the blue paint done. Then about a week after I had Jace I was bound and determined to get it done. I just hate projects that are half done, so it was driving me crazy that I wasn't finished painting it yet. I taped off all the solid diamonds and painted those green, and then painted the stripes brown, and with having a husband that is a perfectionist I knew that I had to measure out everything just perfect. We love love how it turned out. I just matched the colors from his quilt that I made him, because I'm using those same fabrics through out the room. I am super excited to get everything in there to finish it off! Since Conner is still in his crib, we are going to be borrowing one from Jess' brother and wife, so we owe them big time. I thought about moving Conner into a toddler bed, but I really got nervous thinking about having a brand new little baby, and then battling with an 18 month old to stay in bed. We'll see, soon enough we'll have to make the transition! : ) Once we get everything in the room and put together I'll post another picture of the finished product.

These are just some frames that I put together to hang above his dresser. I just took some of the fabric that is in the quilt and covered the mats with it. I can't wait to get some cute black and white baby pictures in them! I found the frames at Target for 3.50 a piece! I love Target! : )

1 Month Already....

I can't believe that my little baby is already 1 month old! It makes me so sad! I just think about how fast that Conner has grown, and now Jace! It seems like just yesterday he was hardly able to fill out his newborn clothes, and now he barely fits in them any more! It is getting fun to see his personality come out a little bit more! He is so alert, and so sweet! We definently got lucky again with another great baby! Since we brought him home from the hospital he's been only waking up once in the middle of the night, and then he sleeps in until 9 oclock, after eating again at 7:00 AM. He's a great little eater, and he's starting to fill out a lot. His little baby bum cheeks are starting to exist now, because for awhile there he didn't even have any! : ) Jace is also very very strong. Conner was pretty strong too, but Jace just amazes me! Just tonight I had Jace down on the floor for tummy time, and I just happened to glance over and see him roll over! Crazy! I don't know if it was just a freak accident, but still he rolled over! I about died! Pretty much his day consists of eating, being awake for about an hour, and then he goes down for a nap. Then once he wakes up it just starts all over, with of course a lot of diaper changes in between. : ) I'm still in the process of getting this whole 2 kids thing down, but I'll get the hang of it soon enough!

I just could love on this little guy all day!

Finally I Did It....

So, like I mentioned in an earlier post our poor little Conner has never had his hair cut, ever! Well, about a week ago I had finally had it! If he was a girl I would have been able to put his hair in piggy tails. I just loved how curly it got when we would gel it up. I seriously cut like almost two inches off of the top! Crazy, my poor little guy! He did have this way cute little chunk of hair in the back that would always make this way cute curl, and the very first thing that I did was cut it off and put it in his baby book! I love that little curl! : ) He did a lot better then I had thought he would. I just took his high chair outside, buckled him in, and gave him some John Deere fruit snacks to entertain him! He is so stinkin cute! I do love his hair cut shorter now though. It still kind of has that little curl still in it, so now I'm super sad because he's just getting so big and toddler looking! : )

My handsome boy!


Today the Bishops came back over. The guys went golfing, and Amanda and I chatted while the kids swam. Ashlynn brought her pool over this visit, and her and Conner had tons of fun. Amanda forgot Ash's swim suit, so we had to convince her that it was cool to wear one of Conner's. She looked such like a little surfer girl, so cute! : )

It was lots of fun, but after an afternoon of swimming, the late night last night caught up with them. Conner was grouchy! He has never been so grouchy as he got today! Little stinker.

The little surfer girl! : )

Then here are the babies! Ryder is 5 months old and Jace is three weeks old. We wanted to get a picture of them together because they were kind of wearing the same colors. These guys are going to best buds! : )

Crazy Hair...

So we have never ever cute Conner's hair. Sad but true this poor kid still has his baby hair! I just love it though. It kind of has this curl to it when its wet or has gel in it. We really need to trim it up a little bit, but I know that it's going to be a fight to get him to sit still for 5 minutes. The day is coming soon, because he's getting a good mullet going. :)

My cute boys that I love so much! : )

Happy 4th

We kind of had a quiet 4th of July this year. Both of our families were out of town, so we were able to celebrate the holiday with our way good friends Ryan and Amanda Bishop and their way cute kids! We had a lot of fun! The kids played in the little kiddie pool, we had a way yummy BBQ, and we even made it out with the kiddos to the fireworks! We always have way fun with the Bishops, so we are so glad that they ended up moving so close to us! : ) Of course Jace pretty much slept through his first 4th of July, but next year will be fun with him. I can't believe that he's three weeks old already! He's such a little sweetie! He only wakes up once in the middle of the night still, and he only ever cries when he's hungary. I took some pictures of him early on in the day, and I forgot how easy it is to take a million pictures of a baby because they just lay there! : ) Conner's not into the whole picture taking thing anymore, he's too busy. I tried to get some cute ones of him, but you'll see that I didn't really get that accomplished. All in all we had a great 4th of July! How could you go wrong with lots of yummy food and great friends to hang out with! Happy 4th everyone! : )
I was so excited to catch Jace's way cute smile on camera. He doesn't throw out a smile very often, but he does every once and awhile. I don't really remember Conner smiling so young.

Here he's giving me the stink eye! Conner always would give us funny looks when he was a baby, so it's so funny to see Jace throw some out every once in awhile.

I love how peaceful a sleeping baby looks.

I love this little guy so much! Everyday he just cracks us up! He's really good at saying words, and when we try to teach him new words he trys so hard to repeat them back. He's such a little perfectionist like his Dad! : ) His new words lately are icky, hot dog, stop, and juice. Right now when he talks sometimes, he trys to talk in a sentence, and it's so cute because really he just sounds like he's babbling but you can make out a word or two if you listen close enough. He's loving Jace still, and he always wants to hold him and give him loves! Jace was laying on the floor and was kind of whimpering because he was ready for a nap and that's his way lately of showing me that he's ready to go lay down, anyways Conner ran right over to him and was getting ready to pick him up. Of course I intervened, but I thought it was so cute that he was wanting to console Jace! He's such a great big brother and we are so excited to see them grow up together, and hopefully become great friends! : )

This was one of our attempts at getting a picture!

I guess this was Jess and I's attempt at getting a picture together!

Here we are at the fireworks. This was our first 4th in the Tri-Cities, so we weren't sure how the fireworks were. They ended up not being to bad! They started about 10 oclock, so the little kiddos were so tired. It was way past their bed time, and believe me it made for a very unbehaved, tired Conner the next day! : ) It was lots of fun though. We parked the truck in like the perfect spot, because we were far enough away that they weren't too loud for the kids but we could still see them really good! We all just sat on top of the tool box in the back of the truck, and enjoyed the show! : ) The picture above is Jess and Ryan getting settled with Conner and Ashlynn.

Here's Amanda and I. It was hard to take a super good pic because it was kind of windy, and poor Amanda kept getting my hair in her face. Us mom's don't really get pictures of us often because we're normally the ones taking them, so atleast we tried.

We were just waiting for the fireworks to start. I love Ash in this picture! She's so cute!

Conner was so tired! He made it through the whole thing though, but as soon as we started the drive home he was out! Jace just enjoyed the show from inside the truck with Ryder. This is what he looked like the entire time. He's so stinkin cute! : )