Our Newest Addition : )

So we have been keeping a little secret for awhile now, and we have decided to let everyone know that we are expecting Baby Walters #2!! We are so excited!! We just had our first ultrasound today, and everything looks great! I am almost 11 weeks now, and we are due on June 6, 2008! Crazy to think that we are having another one right now, but we know that Conner will love having someone to wrestle around with! The bad thing about this time around though is that I have been so so so so so so so so so sick! I wasn't too sick with Conner, but this baby is definitly making up for that. I guess that is my excuse for not posting very often. : ) I'll try to do better, now that the Doctor is giving me something so that I can keep food down! : )


Happy Halloween : )

I just love these months, and holidays! I think that the Fall and Winter time are just so much fun! This was Conner's first Halloween! We went over to Moses Lake to hang out with the grandparents, and Aunts and Uncle. Every Halloween my Mom makes the yummiest homemade donuts, so we really couldn't miss out on those this year. It was pretty fun to get Conner all dressed up. He had tons of fun hanging out at the trunk or treat with his Aunt Taylor, or should I say Gabriella off of High School Musical. Taylor looked so adorable! It took me only about a half hour to curl her hair, and she did so great to sit there for me. She hates to get her hair done. All in all it was a great Halloween!

Oh yeah, Conner finally took his first steps! Crazy!! He's still a little wobbly, but he's getting the hang of it. Soon enough he'll be running everywhere!

Grandma Moberg, Aunt Taylor, and Conner look so cute in their orange! : )

For Halloween we decided to have Conner go as a lion! Sometimes he sounds like a lion, so we thought that it would suit him well! : ) Man was he adorable! The first time that Jess and I tried on his costume we laughed so hard! Conner wasn't sure what to think! I tried so hard to get a way cute picture of him all dressed up, but he wasn't to sure about the whole Halloween thing quite yet. His face was pretty stone all night. He did enjoy some of Grandma Moberg's homemade donuts, though. That was probably the highlight of his whole night! : ) A huge thanks goes out to Grandma Moberg for the way cute and fun costume. : )

Here's Gabriella and an adorable lion, right before we all headed off to the church for Trunk or Treat! What cuties! : )

Conner has eight teeth now, but he still isn't really able to have candy quite yet. He did manage to score some animal crackers though.

I just love it!

For some reason there is just something so adorable about a baby in a diaper! I just love it!

Twin Falls or Bust!

In the middle of October Jess had planned a hunting trip with his Brother Chad, and his Dad. The plans were never really set in stone, and last minute we decided to all fly over to Boise to go and spend the week in Twin Falls with Chad and my sister in law Stefanie and their two adorable kids! I knew that Conner was going to have a blast because those two kids love him to death. We also had never been to Twin Falls to visit yet since they all moved there. It was so much fun! Conner had so much with his two cousins. We were able to watch Ethan play soccer, and Preslee do dance and gymnastics! It was so nice of Chad and Stef to take care of us for that week. Thanks you guys. Oh, and of course Jess didn't come home empty handed. We're still trying to find a big enough space on our wall for that deer head that he shot. : ) Actually, I mean I feel so bad for that mama deer that is missing her baby deer. : ) Yes, Jess' deer wasn't really quite huge trophy size, but there's always next year right honey! : )

Conner got to experience his first airplane ride. He did great! It was nice though that the flight was only like a half hour. He was smiles the whole time, and was just cracking Jess and I up. What a trooper! : )

For some reason Conner loved staring at the flight attendent. He just kept peeking around the seat and smiling at her. What a little goof ball!

Preslee is so adorable, and sweet! She's just a cute little dancer!

Here's our big boy walking around with Dad at one of Ethan's soccer games. It's crazy how fast he grows, and changes!

This is Jess' favorite Conner trick! It cracks me up. Lately Conner has been balancing on one foot when Jess does it, but I still need to get a picture of it. It still gives me the chills watching him do it sometimes.

There's something so adorable about a sleeping baby! : )

Another one of the fun things that we were able to do down in Twin Falls was go to the Pumpkin Patch with Ethan and his class. It was such a cute Pumpkin Patch. They just had a bunch of fun things for little kids. Conner was so amazed! This was his first time ever seeing a pumpkin, and he loved it! It was pretty early in the morning that we went so it was a little chilly, but we managed.

Conner wasn't to sure about that scarecrow. I was just trying so hard to just get a really cute picture of him to show our fall spirit! I didn't really get the results that I was hoping for, but atleast we have some proof to show Conner's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! : )

Conner had so much fun checking out the pumpkins.

We couldn't come to Twin Falls, and not check out the Falls, so we made a quick dash there just to get a quick picture. I'm not to keen on heights, so I let Jess and Conner enjoy the view for me.

After Jess shot his poor Bambi deer Stef and I loaded the kids up in the car and went to go and meet the guys at Jess' Grandparent's house. I hadn't seen Grandma and Grandpa Williams since Jess and I got married, so it was good that we were able to visit. It took Conner a little bit to warm up to Grandma Williams, but once she zoomed him around on her walker they were instint friends. : )

The pictures are kind of blurry because they were going so fast! :) Conner loved it! What a fun Great Grandma! : )

Thanks again Chad and Stef for such an enjoyable weekend! : )

Aunt Tay's Jog a Thon

On one our recent trips to Moses Lake, Aunt Taylor had your annual Jog a Thon at school. Of course Conner and I went with Grandma Moberg to go cheer her on! She did awesome! She did 11 laps last year, and this year she was able to make through 18 laps! Way to go Tay!

Everytime that Taylor would come around by us, of course she had to make a pit stop and get Conner to laugh at her! What a cutie!