Baby News

Okay so nothing new yet! I had an appointment on Tuesday, and everything is going perfect, a little too perfect! I want something to happen so that I feel like I'm not going to be pregnant forever! The baby is a tiny little guy, and the doctor said that he thinks he's barely going to be 6 pounds. Poor thing! Conner was 6lb. 9oz. so he was pretty small too. The baby's also measuring at 35 weeks, and I'm 37 and a half weeks along, so yes he is a little small. I guess coming from Jess and I we're never really going to have giants, right. : ) Anyways, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something will happen soon, because I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore! I am super uncomfortable which is weird because I was never uncomfortable with Conner and I gained 30 more pounds with him. I think that my uncomfortable issue is probably caused by me chasing and carrying around an almost 1 and a half year old all day. I was hoping that chasing Conner around would put me into labor sometime, but considering how everything went when Conner was born nothing can put me into labor but the doctor! Darn! My next appointment is on Tuesday so we'll see what happens then. Wish me luck! I've reached my nesting stage finally, and so now I'm way to motivated to get stuff done! I am constantly throwing out clutter, and Jess has to go through the garbage to make sure that I didn't throw any good stuff out. We've almost gotten Conner's new room ready to move him in, we're just in the middle of painting it, so that's another thing crossed off my list almost. I just can't believe that we're getting so close to having another baby here in our house. Yikes! I can't wait to see and meet the little guy though. We're still not sure of his name yet, so he's still just baby. I'll post again after my next appointment and hopefully we'll have some good promising news! : )

Getting Closer : )

I am so excited! The backyard is so close to being done! Last weekend Jess and our lovely neighbors put in our sprinkler system in 100 degree temperature! Poor guys! I loaded up on gatorade and kept them all well hydrated, as I watched from inside an air conditioned house! : ) It took them pretty much all day. We're just glad that it's almost done. Now we're just waiting for our sod to be delivered! It was suppose to come anytime this week, but Friday is tomorrow and it hasn't showed up yet. We're a little nervous because we're going to Moses Lake on Saturday so that we can go to the Carrie Underwood concert in Spokane with my family, and we're worried that it's going to be delivered while we're gone. We'll see, I just can't wait until it's all done! Conner is so going to love it! : )

Here's the little cutie himself showing me my favorite face that he makes. Lately though when you ask him to smile he smiles! I love how much he's learning! He's so smart that Jess and I just get blown away by him constantly by all the new stuff that he does every day! He's saying so many new words, and learning so much! I can't believe that we're going to have two!
He loves his belly button! When you ask him where is belly button is he does this. I love it. Then he goes around and wants to see everyone else's belly button! What a goof! : )

Our New Addition : ).....

No, no baby yet, darn! We are absolutely crazy though! We got a new puppy! He's a 7 week old beagle. I keep telling my husband that it's his puppy, because he's the one that made the final decision. Kind of bad timing to get a new little puppy, since we are having a baby in like less then two weeks, hopefully. Yikes! He's a pretty good little guy so far, and I think that Cabo loves having a companion to chase around. Conner loves chasing the puppy around all day saying "No No" because that's pretty much what I say to it all day. He loves to chew on everything, and then of course there's the whole potty training thing. It helps that I'm home all day I guess, but how did Jess get off so easy? : ) I just can't wait until we finally get our sod so that the dogs can just be outside in the backyard all day! He still has no name yet. We are having a hard enough time with a baby name, we can't think about a dog name right now. It's sad though because he is answering to "Puppy". Our neighbor is who told us about the puppy, and they got one, too. It's pretty funny to watch the puppy and his brother play around together. We'll see how it goes. I told Jess it's not permanent until after the baby comes and we see how that whole adjustment goes. Two kids, two dogs........holy cow what are we thinking?


Baby Name Dilemma

Okay, so I have a very indecisive husband and our baby that is making his grand entrance in about 3 weeks still doesn't really have a name for sure yet! We were really liking Jace Jackson, but then Jess came home from work one day and just said that he didn't like it anymore! I went through the name book a million and one times and wrote down every possible name that I liked and Jess still was not giving me any slack! He was just waiting to be walking around somewhere and hear someone say the perfect name. That's how we found Conner, we heard a mom yelling at her son at the airport and his name was Conner. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not, but so far not to bad. Finally the other day I came across the name Trevor on a piece of paper somewhere, and I couldn't really think of anyone that I knew with the name Trevor so I thought that I would run it past Jess just to see his reaction. Well, he didn't immediately say no, so that made me feel okay about it. For the last couple of days we've been thinking about it, and saying it aloud and stuff, and I think that we're really liking the name Trevor. If we do end up going with Trevor for sure it will be Trevor Williams Walters. Williams is after Jess' Mom's maiden name, and it's also Jess' middle name. So, for now we are calling the baby Trevor, but I've learned that with my husband nothing is permanent until the name is on the birth certificate. We're pretty sure that it's going to be Trevor though, so I'm super excited that we've some what figured that big issue out! : ) I can't believe how fast things have gone! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see how things are progressing so we'll see how it goes! I'm hoping that since I chase around a one and a half year all day, that will make things progress faster. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! : ) We'll keep everyone updated on the progress! Wish us luck! : )


Jess' Birthday

It was Jess' birthday on Cinco de Mayo, but my parents came over on the Friday before, and we celebrated a little bit then. It was fun, we went out to dinner to Jess' pick Red Lobster, and then we gave him our present. My parents went in on it with me and we got him an ipod touch. He's been talking about an ipod for like years. He goes running and he keeps saying that he needs something to listen to while he's running. I thought about just getting a nano, but my sister has an ipod touch, and so I was able to see how cool they are. I was so excited to give it to him! It's not all the time that he gets a fun toy to play around with, and enjoy just himself so I think that he was pretty excited about it once he opened his gift. Since then he's been on itunes every night, and he invested in some really nice head phones. I say invested because it was an investment, they were expensive. : ) I can't believe that he's 25. Now he keeps reminding me that he can now rent a car! If only we would go somewhere fun so that he can rent a car! :)

Oh My Word!

It's been forever, as usual, since I have posted anything. Lots has been going on, and it's still not over yet! I'm starting to feel kind of stressed out, but I know that it will all get done sometime.

To start off my updating is some fun pictures of the baby quilt that I just finished. I love love love it, and the fabric. I ordered all the fabric from fatquartershop.com and of course it's from Moda my favorite! : ) It's more a toddler quilt because I am making everything for the baby's room from this fabric, so I wanted it to last longer. I did my own pattern, and I machine quilted it too! I am totally obsessed with the diagonal striped fabric in it, because it reminds me of a tie. It's so hard to find some cute fabric to make a quilt for a little boy, so when I found this I just got so excited!

Then here's my next project in the works. I got so excited when I found this flannel too! It's another cute little boy fabric. It's got planes, trains, and cars all over it, and to add to it all I love the colors, too! I grabbed this fabric, and decided to make a smaller baby quilt with it! I love the pinwheels! I am super excited to finish it. I'm using a pattern for this one from Thimble Blossoms! I love her patterns! I just can't wait to have a little girl because she has so many cute flowery patterns! : ) I'll post pics of the finished product soon hopefully! : )

Then this picture shows Jess' project in the works. Yes, this is our backyard in progress. I am so excited and I think Conner is extra excited! That kid would live outside if we let him. I hate taking him out in the frontyard because now he loves to run straight for the street. We live on a cauldasac, so there's not a ton of traffic, but it still makes me nervous. I will love it when the fence is finished, and our sod is down and I can just send Conner out in the back with the dog and just watch from the window while I'm cooking dinner! : ) The rock looking cement blocks we got from of course a cement place, and Jess and his Dad brought in all the huge equipment from the yard and got them placed. I love that we decided to do this, because we had a slope back there, and now that it's gone it gives us just that much more room to use and play on! Now we need to put up the fence. We have everything for it, so it's just a matter of getting it done. Then Jess just finished digging the trenches for the sprinklers today, and that stuff is on order and then once that's done our sod will get delivered and it's just pure enjoyment after all that! I can't wait! : ) I'll post finished product pics of that too!

Conner loves to help Jess with anything that he's doing! All morning while Jess was riding around in the Bobcat all Conner wanted to do was watch from the window. He kept saying trac, which means tractor. He's so cute. All day he'll take Jess' tools and act like he's doing something with them. What a cutie. I can't believe that we're going to have another little boy around here in less then a month! Yikes! : )

This splendid machine is my new love, for cleaning of course! : ) With kids and a dog it's so nice to be able to clean your carpets when ever your heart desires! I just need to control my obsession so I don't over clean my carpets, but I just love the feel and look of super clean carpets.

Our little guy is just getting more and more opinionated! Now he just wants to feed himself all the time. There were certain foods that I would let him feed himself because it was easy for him to, but now he insists on only eatting when he is feeding himself. It cracks me up because now he's having more baths then ever, but I'll give it to him he's pretty good! He picked up on using utensils right from the get go. I just can't believe how fast he's growing up, and I keep saying that because I really can't believe it! These pics are from snack time today. What a goof! : )

Lastly here's our dog Cabo. Jess and I got his almost three years ago when he was a puppy, and Conner just loves to pick on him and chase him around. It's pretty darn cute. Well, he was also another thing that made us so busy lately. He was having problems going to the restroom, and we came to the conclusion after calling the vet that he probably had bladder stones. No fun! You could just tell he was miserable. We love our dog, but we weren't really wanting to spend a bunch of money on surgery and everything so we tried to wait it out. That really didn't work, and it actually just made things worse. Poor guy! Finally I took him to the vet, and they did x-rays, and tests and they decided that he was going to need surgery for sure to make him better. We went through with the surgery, and they found 12 stones in his bladder and there were some clogging him too which was of course the cause of him having bathroom problems. Anyways, we're just glad that it's over, and hopefully the problem is completely fixed now.