Conner sleeping in his favorite place. On Dad.

Our little family. : )

Conner trying to do pull ups using his bouncy chair toys.

Conner was getting a little hungary.

Conner just posing for some pictures.
Cabo decided to just jump right up next to Conner and join in on the picture fun.

Conner spending some Grandma time with Grandma Moberg.

Conner and Mom bonding.

Conner hanging out with his fabulous Aunt Stephanie.

Conner doing what he does best, sleeping.

Conner just lovin his chair! : )

Conner just spending some quality time with Aunt Taylor.

Conner's first bath! He loved it!

Conner loves to hang out in his bouncer chair.

Conner hanging out with Dad.

Conner meeting Aunt April & Uncle Ryan for the first time.