Worst Mother Moment Yet : (

This week our good friends Ryan and Amanda Bishop came to Tri-Cities for a job interview, and we were lucky enough to be able to meet up with them. It's been like forever since we've seen each other, and we always have lots of fun together! It would be super awesome if they ended up taking the job here, because then we could really get some good hang out time and kids play time in. Well, they came over on Thursday when Jess was getting off of work, and we showed the house and then we were going to go grab some Inca's for dinner! Now the sad part of the story, as I was showing Amanda around our house we went into the master bedroom, and Conner was following us around. I just picked him up and put him on our bed. He always gets up on our bed, and he's known how to get down off of things for awhile, so I didn't think anything of it. I always put him up on the couch and bed and stuff and when he wants down he just turns around and drops down feet first. Well as Amanda and I were talking Conner was walking around on top of the bed, and some how he like slipped or kind of bounced off, and he hit the floor head first extremely hard! I can still hear the sound of the thud in my head, and it just makes me sick to my stomach! I just walked over to him and picked him up and of course he was doing that silent cry thing because he fell so hard, but this kid falls all the time and just hops right back up and keeps on going. When I picked him up and he was doing that whole little silent cry thing I knew that he was hurt, poor guy! Well Ryan and Jess came into the room because they heard the thud out in the kitchen and by then Conner was full on crying. As they came in the room Conner started to act really funny and was arching his back and kind of stopped crying, so I laid him down on the bed. His eyes kind of rolled up, and he kept arching his back and was kind of unresponsive for a little bit. I grabbed his face and was looking in his eyes and saying "Conner" but of course he didn't react. My first instint was "We need to call 911" I was worried that he had a neck injury or something, but it was just super scary to see him like that! Thank goodness everyone else around me was calm, because they just reassured us that everything was going to be okay. Ryan is graduating in Physical Therapy and so he's pretty good at staying calm I guess in these kinds of mother freak out situations. I was so glad that Ryan and Amanda were there because they said that the same thing happened to their daughter once, and after a while she calmed down and she was okay. It was good to hear that I just wasn't a bad mother that lets her little guy fall on his head! He was only unresponsive for just a little bit, but man it felt like forever to me! After a couple of seconds he started to cry again, and he just snuggled up to me for awhile. He then did get super pale though and I was just waiting for him to throw up all over me! We think that either he just got really really dazed from hitting his head so hard, or that he actually did get a concussion. He's fine now thank goodness and that night after dinner he was running around and playing with the big guys, but man I hope we never have to experience that again! I know that those kind of situations are just beginning, but I just was haunted by that experience forever! It still makes me so sad to picture Conner like that! : ( Here's some pictures of Conner helping me make cookies earlier that day! He's so funny! He just loves to sit up on the counter and watch me cook! He'll even help with pouring things in and using the hand mixer! Of course his favorite part is when he gets a beater to lick off! : ) What a cutie!


Happy Easter : )

Finally, I am getting these Easter pics up! Well, we of course went over to Moses Lake for the Easter holiday. It was lots of fun! Last year was Conner's first Easter, but he was only 4 months old, so these year he for sure got more into it! I was so fun watching him get all into finding the eggs and eatting the candy, and playing with his toys! We had early church, 8:30 YIKES, so the Easter bunny came while we were at church. It was a lot of fun spending it with my family, and then later on in the day we went back over to Grammy and Gramps Walters' house for some more fun! Grammy Walters got Conner some way cute little Mickey Mouse Crocs! I absolutely love them! We were out in the yard all day today doing yard work, and they were the best shoes for him to just play in the dirt with and walk around in! : ) Thanks Grammy Walters! Grandma and Grandpa Moberg got him a really fun puzzle, a cute baseball bat and ball, and the cutest Easter basket ever filled with all sorts of goodies and fun stuff! He was definently spoiled rotten! : )

Jess and I got him the little lawn mower that when you push it it blows out bubbles. He'll love it this summer when Jess is out mowing the lawn and Conner just always has to be doing what his Daddy is doing! We also got him the cute camp chair that he loves to sit in, and the huge ball! We were at Target the other day, and he about went crazy when he saw all the huge balls so I just had to get him one. It was a lot of fun being able to get some fun stuff for him, and seeing him get really excited about it! : )
Jess bringing Conner out to check out his fun stuff!

Checking out that fun lawn mower! It was so funny because he just went right over to it and started pushing it around like he knew what he was doing! What a goof! : )

He threw that ball around forever. He would grab it, throw it and then chase after it, and then pick it up and do it again. Lets just say that he slept very good that night.

He kept thinking that the Easter eggs were balls, so he would see one and say "Ball, ball" and then grab it and throw it like it was suppose to bounce back at him. What a stinker!

Watching Grandpa enjoy some hard boiled Easter eggs!

Watch a cutie!

I guess he was hoping for a riding lawn mower because he kept trying to sit on it! : )

Conner's first hard boiled egg! He didn't really like it all that much! : )

Checking out his Easter basket with Grandpa. Grandpa made sure that Conner got to try all sorts of good Easter candy. After too long I finally had to put my foot down. : )

He loved those little marshmellow things!

Hanging out with Aunt Tay. I think he was checking out her basket, too!

Mowing the carpet.


Day At the Park with Daddy and Grammy

The weekend before Easter weekend I was able to go with my Mom and her friend Lisa to Spokane for Time Out for Women! Thanks to my loving husband I was able to enjoy this weekend one year old free! I knew that they would have lots of fun hanging out together! Time Out For Women was absolutely great and very inspiring and thanks again Mom for the tickets! The speakers were great and of course it's always fun to get away with the girls for a little bit!

Of course Conner and Jess had a great time and it always seems that when Jess is watching Conner, Conner is always well behaved and takes really good naps and everything. Now Jess is never going to believe me when I tell him about all the ugly tantrums that Conner pulls all the time during the day, or how he refuses sometimes to take a nap, little stinker! : ) I was glad though that they got some good male bonding time in, of course with the help of Grammy Walters! : )
Conner is a huge outdoor lover, and if he had it his way he would be outside all day long rain or shine! Jess being the great Dad that he is took Conner out to the park for some fun! I was so sad that I missed out on seeing Conner have so much fun, but Jess took some fun pictures! Thanks hun! : )

Conner enjoying the big swing at McCosh Park in Moses Lake.

Conner getting into the swing all by himself.
Almost there...
Made it! : )

Doing what he does best, climb!

Going down the slide.

Daddy's Boy

Okay, my little man is such the Daddy's boy! I just love it! I think that it's so adorable how excited Conner gets when Jess gets home from work, or how sad Conner gets when Jess leaves for work in the mornings. Conner just wants so much to be just like his dad! If Jess is wearing a hat then Conner wants to be wearing his hat. It just cracks me up! Really it's probably that by the end of the day Conner is so sick of me that when Jess comes home he's just glad to have someone else to play with! : ) Right now Jess is putting up some beader board around our kitchen and dining room, and it's so funny because Conner just marches over there and just watches him and grabs tools and wants to help. It's crazy too how every day that goes by Conner looks more and more like Jess. They even have some of the same habits and personality traits! Jess is a perfectionist in everything that he does. I really like this about him because whenever he does a project or something he never settles for less then perfection in the end, and when he's playing a game or trying to do something he can't stop until he's accomplished a victory or perfection! : ) Well yes Conner is the exact same! He accomplished going up and down the stairs by the young age of 11 months! He's so stubborn because he doesn't want to go down the stairs on his bum or his tummy, but he wants to go down and up them like we do by walking upright! Yes in the early stages of his attempts he had us all nervous but now he's a master! ; ) He would spend forever just over at the stairs by himself going up and down them at his G-ma and G-pa Walters' house. He had us all cracking up! He's like this in a lot of things like climbing up onto a chair, or like how a month or so ago he finally managed to jump out of his crib. Who knows how long he's been trying to do that! I love seeing him accomplish these things though because yes just like his dad he gets the cutest face of victory! ; )

Walking around in Dad's shoes after spending about 20 minutes trying to put them on and getting upright so that he could walk in them!

I had just asked him where Daddy's shoes were!


Okay so Jess got me a new camera for Christmas, and I was bound and determined today to learn how to really use some of the fun things on it. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it! I have read the manual, and I always refer back to it, but I still can't really get the right pictures that I want. I guess that's what I get for never taking a photography class! : ) My sister took some classes so maybe I'll have to bug her next time she's up here to help me out. It's kind of frustrating though that I have this idea of what I want in my head, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I almost feel like I am letting my camera down! : ) I think that I really just need to get a really good photo shop program, and maybe I can just make the pictures look like what I have in my head! : ) I always am so jealous of people that have such a good talent of photography! I guess I'll just have to someday take a class or two. : ) Here are some of the results from our photo shoot trial day! : )