The Wedding, Finally : )

So I know that this is super late, but better late then ever! We are still all alive, and we did manage to make it to Phenoix and back! It was so much fun, and it definently wasn't long enough! This is a super long post, so sorry, but enjoy! ; )

Here's Jace on the way to his first plane ride!

Conner on the way to his second plane ride! We flew out of Spokane super early in the morning.
Jace on the plane before take off! He did great! We were a little nervous because we had a straight flight to Phenoix, and they split Jess and I up! Jess took Conner and sat a couple of rows behind Jace and I. Jace just slept the entire time! He was such a champ! Conner just watched DVD's the whole way so he did great, too!

This was the look on Conner's face by the time that we finally made it to Phenoix, and was in the rental car! He was so ready for nap!
Here's Preslee, Ethan, and Conner in our hotel room! Conner has so much fun with these two, and he just adores Preslee! This past weekend we were up at Jess' parents house, and he spotted a picture of Pres and he couldn't help but have this huge grin on his face. So darn cute! He's just like his Dad, he has a little sweet spot for the ladies, that could be good or bad! : )
Jace was such a trooper this whole trip. We were on the go a lot, and he totally just went with the flow! He would just nap where ever and when ever, and he was still just the happiest baby ever!

Jess' brother and his wife, Chad and Stef, served their mission in Arizona, and they introduced us to this place called Bahama Buck's! Oh my word, I am still craving it! I was so good! It was a shaved ice place, and man did they have some way good shaved ice! We got a Bahama Rama Mama, and it was shaved ice with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom of the cup! So dreamy! Here's Jess with his way yummy Bahama Rama Mama!
Of course being in way hot Phenoix we had to dip into the pool at night to cool off a bit! Conner did pretty well with the whole pool thing, but man did we have a scare! This kid is so fearless, and nothing stops him. He definently does not know his limits sometimes and it just scares me to death. Well, one night that we were all out at the pool Jess and Conner were up at a table eatting and Conner wandered off. Well I was talking with Jan and Stef, and all of a sudden I see Tom, Jess' Dad, get up and start walking really fast somewhere. I look around to maybe see was he was doing, and I see Conner over at the hot tub. This hot tub was a pretty big hot tub, but it was the regular depth of 3 feet. Well Conner and the hot tub did not mix well because he's not quite 3 feet! Anyways, the second I see Conner at the hot tub I jump up and follow Tom over there, and about the time that we were half way there Conner decided to jump in. Tom runs over and jumps in fully clothed and grabs Conner and throws him up to me! Conner was fine, but I was so shocked and felt so bad that Tom jumped in with his regular clothes on! So scary though. Jess says that he thought Conner just went and followed his cousins somewhere, but still we were at the pool! Jess is such a goof sometimes! Anyways, after that we made sure that Conner wore a life jacket when ever around the pool!

Jace saying hello! : )
Conner with Pres and Ethan sitting outside of the hotel.
Of course being in this family you can't pass up going to the Bass Pro Shop! It was pretty cool though, and Conner loved seeing all the fish!

Stef and Chad found out about this way fun place to take the kids, and boy was it a hit! It was an indoor huge play place. The pictures really don't do it justice! It was huge! Jess had to go up with Conner, but I think that Jess was super excited! They had to wear socks, and non of us had any so they had to get these lovely lookers!
Conner with Dad coming out of one of the slides! They said that there was a huge drop in the slide, and that it was pretty awesome!
Conner and Dad climbing up the rope so that Conner could go down the zip line!
It's kind of hard to make out, but there's Conner going down the zip line. He's wearing a green shirt.

Conner did really good on this trip, too! There were a lot of missed naps or naps on the go, and he still managed really good! I was quite surprised because this kid is a napper! He averages a 3 to 4 hour nap everyday, and still goes to bed at 8! I have no idea how this happens!
Jess was showing off his dance dance revolution moves, and Conner kept trying to mess him up.

Conner wanted to shoot hoops so bad! We finally broke down and let him try it out! Aunt Stef was so sweet to help him out some!
Trying to make, but he couldn't quite reach. Someday!

Another one of our swimming trips, notice the life jacket. Thanks Stef! : ) He did spend more time trying to climb these rocks then swim, little stinker.

Jess' sister Kelli had her way cute little guy a couple of weeks after I had Jace! His name is Tyler. He's such a cutie and such a good baby, too! Hopefully they'll grow up and be great buddys!
Jace checking things out.
Tyler just going with the flow.

Poor Jace tuckered out after a long day!
Here's Conner posing at our family, wedding pictures! All the nephews got to wear tuxedos, but they didn't have a small enough size for Conner. We had him wear the next best thing, tuxedo t-shirt. We had him and Jace in one. It was so funny! Anyways, the day of the wedding we got and ready to have family wedding pictures done at the Mesa Temple at 9:00 in morning! Even at 9:00 is was so hot! Man that heat was something else! I don't know how people do it! Here's Conner posing, sort of, outside the temple while we were waiting for our turn for pictures!
Here's all the siblings and their spouse's, except Casey and Janina.
Here's the happy couple with all of the Walter's siblings.
This girl is so adorable!

The babies where a hit! Little Madi was so cute with her little brother and Jace! She would come running over and just be calling him "Sweetie", and "Sweet Baby". She is so cute! : )

Here Jan and Tom were trying to get a pic of them with all the grandchildern, and well atleast we can say that we tried!
The babies tuckered out, probably from all the heat, poor little guys!
Madi is so funny! Her personality just cracks me up! Don't you just love the little girl's dresses!
The three older boy cousins. From left to right it goes, Carson, Tabius, and Ethan. Tabius, I think that's how you spell his name, but he's Janina's son. Those boys just all hit it right off with each other!

The sealing was so good, and a huge thanks to the baby sitters! We left all the older kids at the hotel, but Kelli and I left our babies with who ever we knew in the waiting room which thank goodness it ended up being Jess' cousin's! They said that the babies did great while we were in the sealing, and it was so nice to just be able to relax and not worry how they were doing! Later that night was the reception, and it was at a way gorgeous place! Here's Conner examining the foot of the statute.

Jace pretty much slept through like half of it.
Conner could follow Pres around all day! He loves her!
Giving loves!
Our cute little family! We tried to get a good pic of all of us, but man that heat!

Conner enjoying the night.

My handsome hubby in a tux, I just love it!
Here's our effort of getting a picture with all the family that was there. A few of Jess' cousins came with their families. It was fun to see everybody.
The following day we had a 10:30 am flight to catch, and lets just say we didn't quite make it! We missed it by 5 minutes! The next flight that we could get on was at 8 that night, so we had long day ahead of us. Casey came to the rescue though, and came and picked us up from the airport and took us to the brunch that they had planned. Conner was so tired from the weekend and getting up early that morning that he literally fell asleep in his high chair! Poor little guy!

The boys did just as good on the flight back home as they did on the flight there. Jess and I got to sit next to each other, and we made it home at like 2 in the morning! It did take us a week to get back into the swing of things back home, but it was so worth the trip! The wedding was great, and we are so excited to have a new sister in law, and a new niece and nephew!