Girl's Weekend

The weekend before Thanksgiving by Mom and Jess gave me an early birthday present! My Mom, Me, and my two younger sisters flew down to Utah for the weekend! We visited with my other younger sister, Steph, and did some major shopping! My wonderful husband stayed home with the boys, and took great care of them while I was away! We flew out on Friday and came back the following Monday. That was the longest I had been away from either one of my boys, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be! We had tons of fun, and actually I was wanted to stay a couple more days, but I did miss all my boys so much, including my absolutely great husband! We did manage to get to all the places that we wanted to go, and it was so much fun to hang out with my Mom and sisters. A huge thanks goes out to my lovely mother for the trip, and the fun! My husband also deserves a huge thanks for handling the teething child, and the terrible twos child all weekend! He did great, but I knew that he would. He's such an awesome Dad!

The first night there of course we had to hit up Cafe Rio! I was super excited! I love that pork salad, oh my gosh!

Only on an all girl's night we go to Cafe Rio for dinner, and then we head to Chili's for dessert! Steph and I devoured the Moulton Lava Cake, yummy!

The next day my Mom took us all out to the Park City Outlet Mall. It was tons and fun, and we did find some great deals.
Here's the back of the car with all of our loot!

After we were done at the Outlet Mall we headed back to Salt Lake City to go to Twilight at the Gateway! I haven't read the books yet, so I loved to movie! My sister's have read it, so they kind of explained some parts to me, but now I really want to read the books. I guess I just haven't yet because I'm scaried that everything will get put off until I'm done reading them, and during this time of year that would not be good!

Kendra, Me, Taylor, and Steph outside the theatre after the movie. I promise that Kendra can be a happy girl, but during this picture she was super upset because hercell phone broke, and at 16 that is a very important device! : )

Taylor was so excited to go to Build a Bear. She did so great while all of us went to our cute craft stores, so my Mom rewarded her with a high school musical build a bear! She was so excited!

On Sunday we went to Temple Square. It was so pretty, and quiet! They had all the lights up for Christmas, and the Nativities were gorgeous! I hadn't been to Temple Square forever, so it was so fun to go and see how much it's changed! I was just super sad that my honey wasn't there with me to partake in the loveliness! ; )

"The Girls" in front of one of the Nativities.

They had a statue of Mary and Joseph on the reflection pool. It was so cool. It looked like they were just floating there!

Us girls in front of the reflection pool.

The Mary and Joseph statue on the pool. So Pretty! : )
Kritt, my sister's husband, Steph, my sister, and Me! :) We stopped into the visitor's center really quick before we left.
Mom, Tay, and Keng, getting blinded by the light. : )

To top off our trip my Mom introduced me to the Little America brunch buffet! I was so sad that Jess wasn't there for that, because I think that he would have loved it more then me, and I loved it! I ate enough for like a whole week! I especially loved the chocolate fountain! Yummy! : )
We had so much fun, and we made some way fun memories! I really think that we need to make this an annual trip! Thanks so much Mom for everything! This was such an awesome birthday present. Oh, we also owe another huge thank you to my little brother Scott, who is going to BYU. It worked out so perfect because he ended up coming home from Provo for thanksgiving the day after we left Utah, so we got to send everything with him that wouldn't fit in our suitcases, which was a ton of stuff! We hit up Rod Works, and Tai Phan (sp?), so we had his whole back seat and some of his trunk full of yummy goodies for our houses! : ) Thanks little Bro! : )
I had tons of fun, but it was so nice to come back to my little family of boys. It was so cute to see how excited Conner was to see me! He's getting so big, and I think that Jace doubled in size while I was gone, but my husband did so great, and he's the best husband ever!


Totally Random.....

Okay, so this post is totally random. I got so behind on blogging the happenings in our lives, that this is just going to be a stew of craziness. Just bare with me, because for some reason I needed to post all of these pictures just for the pure feeling of being "caught up"! There are a bunch of cute pictures, so please enjoy. I present the last month, or two of our lives! : )
When Grandma and Grandpa Moberg returned safe and sound from their trip to Grand Cayman, they brought presents! The presents were two little guys that we hadn't seen for a whole year, and their momma! It was so fun to see them and see Emmet and Conner fight over every single car! There will be more good times had by these little guys come Christmas! ; )

Jace just keeps growing and growing! He's almost six months now, and he loves is older brother so much! Conner could be just sitting next to Jace doing nothing, and Jace will just start cracking up. He's just so darn cute! He can sit up on his own for about 5 minutes and then he face plants to the ground, ususally trying to reach whatever toy he pushed out of his reach. We started him on rice cereal and baby food, and I'll just say that this kid loves to eat! Conner was the exact same way! He's in the middle of getting his two bottom teeth! Yikes! Those little buggers, they just won't break through. They're just hanging out right at the top, but they have yet to bust their way through!

Okay so my older child has a huge obsession with CARS! He watches CARS the movie seriously like almost everyday, and he always has to have his cars in his hands! Before we go anywhere he runs around looking for his cars, because he can't go anywhere without them! He even sleeps with them at night! This picture shows what you'll see in his hands all day!

When we were staying with Taylor and Kendra while my parents where in Grand Cayman Conner would get so exhausted from all the fun that we were having. He never falls asleep anywhere other then a bed, so this was so surprising to see as I came around the corner.

Happy very very very late Halloween! We spent Halloween in Moses Lake. It was quiet, but lots of fun. The night before we carved pumpkins. Taylor was very excited!

My little pumpkin! : ) Thanks Grandma Moberg for the fun shirt! : )

Our finished products! Conner's pumpkin was the "Hi Daddy" one. Jess was still in Tri-Cities, so we dedicated our pumpkin to him!

Grandma Moberg also got him this way cute outfit! This was Jace on his First Halloween! I especially love the little mummy hat! What a cutie! ; )

When Jess got to Moses we took Aunt Tay and Conner Trick or Treating. Conner wasn't really fully understanding what we were doing, but it was still fun.

Conner, or should I say Superman, raided our Trick or Treating loot before we headed out to Trick or Treat around town.

I had this little outfit since Conner was a baby! I love it! Jace looks so cute in it, and it' so fitting because he is such a snuggly teddy bear! : )

Of course we first stopped down the road at Grammy and Grandpa Walters' house. They give our the good stuff! : )
I would say that we had a very successful Halloween, but I am excited for next year when my parents will be there and we'll get to have my Mom's famous home made doughnuts! : )

I love these kids!

I love this picture! Conner just discovered his pockets! : )

Not so sure about the rice cereal!

Conner seriously has no fears, and I am getting nervous because the more that Jace's personality comes out the more that I think he's going to be even crazier then Conner! Conner is such a little stinker some time! He definently does not know his limits, and for that reason he is constintly getting hurt! I swear that every week at nursery they are probably wondering what goes on in our house, because every Sunday he has a new bruise or cut! This particular cut/bruise happened at Grammy and Grandpa Walters' house. He fell off the couch and hit his eye on the corner of the coffee table. He only cried for like 2 minutes, but it started bleeding right away. I'm just not looking forward to the day that we make the trip to the hospital for stitches! I thought that that day had finally come last week, but it's going to take a lot of blood for us to even consider taking him in. After Thanksgiving he fell while playing catch with Jess and hit his head on the trim. He hit just right that he hit like the only sharp part on it. It didn't bleed to much, but it was pretty deep. We tried to find super glue to glue it shut, because he wouldn't keep a band aid on, but we couldn't find any. It stopped bleeding, but I just hope that he doesn't get a scar! Man, I really need a sweet little girl, that hates getting dirty, and loves princesses! : )