I've Been Tagged

Okay, so now since I kind of have the computer going right now, and Conner is down for a nap I can finally answer back to my Cousin Annalee's tag. I am super late, but don't worry Annalee I didn't forget. It was actually probably a good thing that it took me so long, because I had a lot of time to think about it. I've read everyone elses answers, and it's funny to hear someone's funny quirks and realize that you are the exact same way! So here it goes....

1. I kind of have this little OCD problem. For some odd reason ever since I was in grade school I have had some problems with certain things. To start I will admit that I don't like to eat off of paper plates, or use paper cups. I'm not sure why, but sometimes it just grosses me out so much that I lose my appetite. When I reach into the cupboard for a cup to get a drink I always have to grab a clear glass. It freaks me out if I can't see what I'm drinking. I also can't eat bread that has been in the freezer, and I can't eat anything that is even close to it's sell by date that's on the package. I know I know weird huh!

2. I'm not a negative person, but I find myself always taking situations and thinking about the worst possible scenerio. Like at night sometimes when I'm going to bed I'll start to think about what I would do if someone broke into our house. I will start to make an escape plan in my head of how I could get Conner from his room the quickest and get out of the house. I'll find myself doing the same thing when I'm driving down the road. I'll think about what if we were to get into an accident, and some how end up in a lake or river, how would I get Conner and I out of the car? I just look at it as being really really prepared for anything, right?! : )

3. I am in love with quilting. I made my first quilt for Conner when he was born, and I haven't been able to stop. It's such an addiction. Right now I have about seven projects going, and two quilts that are done, but just need to be quilted. I just love going to the fabric store, and looking at all the way fun fabric and thinking about what I could make with them. Let's just say if we don't have a girl this time around I am in huge trouble, because there is such way cute girl fabric out there. Everytime I go to the fabric store I swear I get enough fabric to make a toddler quilt.

4. I love love love shopping! Any chance or reason I get to go shopping I take it! I even just take Conner to the mall to play or walk around so that we're even just in the atmosphere of shopping. I defiently took after my Mother. The two of use together could easily just shop forever. Of course Conner kind of slows me down now, but he's still a trooper. I love Christmas time so so so much, and I can't figure out if I love it because I just love the season, or if it's because it's an excuse to shop. I'm sure it's both. : )

5. I absolutely love being a Mom! I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. There's just something about getting to experience life through someone that is so small, and watching them grow. Conner is so much fun, and I am so thankful that I am able to be with him all day everyday. It would be so hard to have to go to work, and miss out on all the little funny things that he surprises us with everyday. It's so cool to watch how fast they learn things, and to see their little personalities start to come out. I am super excited for this next baby, and I can't wait until this little one lets me start all over again with the whole little baby stage. The little baby stage goes by so fast, and after April had Weston last Wednesday I really realized that Conner is becoming such a toddler. I can't believe that he's going to be one next week! : )

So there you have it, 5 things about myself. Thanks Annalee for tagging me. I couldn't remember the last time I thought about something about myself. I catch myself just thinking about what Conner's going to have for breakfast, or what we're going to do today, or how I'm going to get through the day not being sick. It's always nice to be able to focus on yourself for a bit, right?! : )

Fun With Dad

Conner loves his Dad so so so much! He just gets so excited to see him walk through the door at the end of the day. They are so much alike that it's scary! : )

Lots of Fun

A week or so ago my Mom and April came over to Tri-Cities for April's Dr. Appointment. I was the lucky one that got the privlege to watch sweet little Emmet. It was so much fun to let the two boys play. We have to get it all in before Emmet has to get back to the island.


Conner's Christmas Tree

We did Conner's room in a Cowboy theme, so why not do a Cowboy themed Christmas tree. We Ryan and I were little my Dad would take us to cut down a little Christmas tree to put in our rooms. I loved having a lite up Christmas tree in my room when I was going to bed, so I thought that we would start this tradition with our kids. I just got Conner a fake tree, though. It's nice to not have pine needles all over the floor. It was pretty fun, and Conner loves it.

My mom got this saddle ornament for his tree.

Jess brought this old rope home one day to put around Conner's tree. I love it. I was trying to think about what to do for a garland, and this turned out perfect.

I decided to show some more pictures of Conner's room, so here's some fun pictures that are above his crib. I'm still planning on make some bedding for him so for right now it's still sports bedding.

When we wre waiting for our house to get done, I made this garland for his room. I really liked how it turned out. I just cut the letters out of cardboard, and tied cut up cowboy fabric strips. It was super easy, and I loved the finished product.

Of course what's a cowboy room with out John Wayne, right?!

Here's the finished look with is cow hide rug and all. Thanks Grandma for Rodney the Reindeer!

Christmas Decor 2007

After our Thanksgiving we finally made it home to take down our Fall decor, and put up our Christmas. I love this time of year so much! There's just something about decorating a tree with snow falling outside. Yes, we were getting some snow this day. We actually got a lot, but it didn't last to long. It will be so much fun when Conner is old enough to go out and play in the snow. I know that Jess was just dying to hit him with a snowball.

This is what our front room looked like in the middle of all the craziness.

Conner and Dad getting in some bottle time before Conner had to hit the hay! : )

Jess putting up the star.

Conner even helped put some ornaments on the tree. He's been such a good little guy, too. He hasn't pulled a single thing off of the tree. What a good little guy!

Here's the finished product. It's a little dark, but I will say I love my tree!

Here's one of my favorite ornaments. My mom got this for us last year when we had Conner. She found it at the hospital gift shop, and it just has so much meaning to me, and it brings back lots of fun memories.

Here's our stockings. This was the only place that we could really hang them.

Quality Time With Cousin Emmet

What a little goof!

So the boys have been playing with each other really well, but occasionally they will have their moments. Here they are fighting over this bus. It was pretty funny. They don't really get frustrated or mad at each other, but they just tug back and forth until one of them gives up.

Conner decides that maybe if he gets up and starts to walk off that he'll win.

Emmet decided that he wasn't going to get away with this toy, so he just stood up and followed. Yes, those are my little guys not so little thighs. : )

Happy Thanksgiving! : )

Okay so I know that it's a little late, but it's better late then never, right?! Well for some reason I didn't take a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving, but Conner really enjoy his first Thanksgiving. For everyone that knows Conner really well, they know that he loves food so so so so much! He's our very solid 27 pound almost one year old! : ) He ended up sleeping through the adult Thanksgiving dinner, but that was nice for Jess and I to be able to eat in peace. Conner had his little dinner a bit later, and he also had to for sure indulge in his first piece of pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie, and I ate tons of it when I was pregnant with Conner, so I knew that he would love it, and boy did he ever. I think that once it really came down to it he enjoyed the whipped cream the most. : )

A huge chunk of whip cream fell on his shirt, but I think that he wanted to save it for later.

Just like Jess, Conner loves big bites!

I think that Conner ended up getting a stomach ache, poor guy.

What a successful first Thanksgiving.


For Thanksgiving I made my famous sugar cookies, and I decided to let Conner partake of some of their goodness. I gave him a unfrosted one, and boy did he love it. : )

Just checking things out.

Some how he got some cookie all the way up by his eye.

By the time that he was done with the whole sugar cookie thing he had eatten about a good 3/4 of it.

Like Father like Son! Sugar cookies are definently the way to his little heart! : )

Hanging Out With Cousin Emmet

Conner's cute little yawn.

Emmet was checking out Rodney the Reindeer.

Conner looked deep in thought about something.