Visit to Moses Lake

Last weekend we went over to Moses Lake to visit, and to get out of the house! : ) Conner loves to go and visit his Grandparents, and Aunts and his Uncle! I love it too because there's so many people to entertain him and I get a break! : ) Conner especially loves his Aunt Tay! It's so funny how she can just crack him up!

Conner looked so cute in his new Adidas track outfit that Grandma Moberg got for him. I just couldn't resist some cute picture taking. : )
Aunt Tay is so funny! : )
We attempted to go to the Chiefs football game on Friday night, but it was so stinking cold! It was homecoming and they won, but after Kendra performed at half time were outta there! Poor Conner he was so cold! What a champ though!
After church we were on our way over to my parents house, and when we got in the truck Conner went straight for the steering wheel! It's so funny how they figure things out, and know what certain things do! It was just making us laugh so hard! He was so ready to go! When we sat him down he got so mad! He seriously wanted to drive, so on Monday I went and got him a fun car toy from Costco. It's like a little car that he sits in and drives around, and I can take it outside and push him. I'll have to post some pictures because it is too cute!

Little Goofball

I swear this kid gets into everything! Now that he is extremely mobile, he thinks that he can do anything and everything! It could drive me to insanity with how busy he constantly is! He definitely keeps me on my toes! I can already see where things are going for when he gets older! Yikes!! : ) Here he kept going into the laundry room and getting into things, so I had to lock him out. He found another toy to play with though. That only kept him busy for like 5 minutes, but I guess every second counts! : )

What a Cutie

Here's just some fun cute pictures of Conner! Everytime that I look at pictures of him I can't believe how big he's getting! He's so stinking cute! : )

This was his look of "Mom no more pictures feed me food!". : )

Oh my word!

About a month ago I went to go and get Conner out of his crib after his morning nap, and this is what I saw when I opened the door. I about fell over when I looked and saw him standing up and looking my direction! He has been pulling himself up with the couch and I guess anything and everything that he can get ahold of so that he can stand and walk along. He hadn't done this yet! It was so funny! I just started to crack up, and then he started laughing because I was laughing so hard. It was pretty funny! What a cutie! : )

Keith Urban Concert : )

Finally I am able to post these pictures! My mom got us all tickets to the Keith Urban concert in Spokane. I was way back in the beginning of September, but since my posting was delayed here they are for you now. It was tons and tons of fun! Keith Urban really does put on a great concert! We did miss April, Steph, and Kritt though! They weren't able to make it, but we were still thinking about them during the concert! : ) Thanks to Grandma Walters, I was able to attend without having to worry about my little guy. Thanks again Jan, and a huge thanks goes out to my mama for the fun tickets! : )

The Wreckers opened for Keith! They were really good.

We did have great seats, but we weren't this close. Keith had a huge screen behind him and so every once and awhile I would take pictures of the screen.

What a great concert!

Too Cute : )

These are just some more fun pictures on the Conman! He's so funny!!

You can kind of see his two top teeth in this picture. They are just to funny right now. It kind of would freak me out seeing him with top teeth for awhile, but now I think that they are pretty funny! : )
It's so funny he was using his mouth to push the buttons to make the animals pop up. When they would pop up he would jump like a mile high!
Who knows where he got this from, but this kid has had his tongue out of his mouth since the second he was born! It's kind a crazy tongue too, because it's like a lizard tongue! It is so long, and he makes it go pointy and stuff, man he's just a goof ball!

Evening at the Park : )

One Saturday a couple of weeks ago we decided to go for a walk at the park. It was really nice out, so it was nice to get out for awhile. Conner was kind of tired though. On the way to the park he fell asleep and he woke up while we were trying to put him in his stroller, so that's the reason for the tired look on his face in all the pictures.

Me and my Honey : )


It is so crazy!! For some odd reason today our computer is working today! It's a miracle! : ) We took it to a computer shop and they didn't know what was wrong with it. It's only about a year or so old, so who knows. Well I'm going to get as much time in on it as possible, so here's some fun current pictures of Conner! I can't believe how big he's getting! I think that everyday he's getting more and more silly! He cracks me up so much! Not much has been going on lately. Jess has been working like crazy! He does such a great job though! : ) I have more posts, so lets see how long this thing works.