Emmet We Miss You

It's only been 6 days since they left for Medical School, but man it already feels like a year! We are really glad though to hear that Emmet made the 8 hours of flying without a single cry or whine! I know that Ryan and April were kind of nervous about traveling that far on an airplane, but the word is is that he did awsome! They did lose their luggage though, and their condo that they are living was so dirty when they got there. Ryan was a little depressed at first with everything going wrong when they first got there, but I guess April being the great wife that she is, stayed positive and helped Ryan get things fixed. Ryan doesn't start school until next week, but they wanted to get down there early so that they could get settled in. We do miss them tons, since they use to live right across the freeway from us! Conner can't wait to visit his cousin though next year! We're all in desperate need of a tan, so it might be sooner then we thought! : ) We miss and love you guys tons, and keep us updated on how things are going!

Emmet, Conner says Hi! : )

Bad Parents

Okay so I'm not sure if we're bad parents because Conner ended up this way while we were on a walk and we have no idea how long he was like this, or if we left him like this for a couple more minutes to take pictures. I guess that while I was taking pictures Jess was ready to catch him just in case he fell, but I still kind of felt bad! What a smart kid though. He knew to hang on! : ) Not even a whine or a peep from him to let us know that he was slipping under. It was too funny! Jess and I cracked up forever!


What a Smartie!

This just cracked me up! I was talking to Jess on the phone the other day, and I looked over at Conner to make sure that he was still playing okay with his toys, and this is what I saw! I just started to crack up! Jess told me to hurry and take some pictures, and then call him back! Most of you might know that Conner has never really been a pacifier baby! He never liked them, or wanted them, so that was nice in a way. His cousin Emmet loves his pacifier. Since we did spend a lot of time with them the past couple of weeks Conner took a liking to Emmet's pacifier. He would just try to take it out of Emmet's mouth and put it into his. We would always catch him before he actually got it into his mouth, though. It was just so funny that he found it first of all. It was at the bottom of his bin of toys, so who knows how he saw it and thought to grab it and put it into his mouth! I was just so funny to look over and see him looking at me sucking away on the pacifier. It was like the last possible thing that I would have expected to see. What a cutie though. When I started to laugh he just cracked up, and now when ever he sees it in his toys he puts it in his mouth and looks at us like come on guys laugh. Thank goodness this incident didn't start a new habit for him. : )

Conner found another new toy. It was nice for me, because it kept him busy for like 15 minutes, and I think that that's a record!
Conner's mad face that he does all the time now, because he knows that we think it's hilarious!

The Guys

I just realized that I didn't post these pictures yet. I took these outside the hospital. It was just too cute to pass up. The two dads with the little rascals enjoying a little shoulder ride back to the truck!

Uncle Scott and Grandpa Moberg ran up just in time to sneak in a shot!

Mobile Boy

It's so scary now that Conner is mobile! He's more army crawling then actually crawling, but he still gets around, and super fast! He likes to get into anything and everything! A couple of days ago I caught him investigating an outlet, so yes we immediately made a trip to Target to get baby proofing stuff! It's so crazy how fast he is too! I sit him on the blanket in the living room with all his toys, and I leave the room for seriously 5 seconds. When I come back into the room he's completely on the other side getting into something that he's not suppose to be getting into to! It's so sad, but just yesterday I was thinking that a cage would come in really handy right now! : )

Fianlly a New Hip! : )

Well, a couple of days before Ryan and April took off, my Mom finally got her second hip replaced. She wasn't looking forward to the surgery, but we were all so ready for her to be done with it! It's been bugging her for a long time, so it came at a good timing. She did great! She had the surgery on Thursday last week, and she went home on Monday! I just went over to Moses Lake on Wednesday, and she is doing so great! This surgery went a lot easier then her last one, so hopefully her recovery time will be shorter. Anyways, we are so proud of her and strength. Conner is just starting to crawl, so he is definently ready for his Grandma to chase him around! : ) My Mom got her surgery done in Spokane, and Ryan and April were flying out of Spokane on Saturday. Jess and I told Ryan and April that we would love to give them a ride to the airport. It worked out good because then we got to go to the hospital and keep my mom company. We went over to Spokane on Friday in Jess' truck. It was snug, but fun. I sat in the back in between both the boys, and Jess, Ryan, and April sat up front. It was a fun ride that we'll probably take about years down the rode! : ) We stayed the night at a hotel, and Jess got up early Saturday morning to take them to the airport. It was so sad to see them go, but exciting at the same time! It will be nice for them that Ryan's getting started with Medical School, but fun too since they are on a tropical island out of the country. We sure do miss them tons, but we are really looking forward to going and visiting them! : )

Conner looking at me wondering what was going on!

Emmet was trying to go to sleep! Cute little guy!

Jess, Ryan, and April chatting away! It was too funny to be sitting behind them, and seeing them all cozy in the front! Yes, Ryan and Jess had some funny jokes going on all day about sitting by each other! : )

Conner and Emmet are getting so fun with each other! That's another thing that I am way sad about, because since we lived so close to them, we hung out a lot their last couple of days in the states. Conner and Emmet would have had so much fun hanging out by the pool with each other. Well, their planning on moving back this direction when Ryan's done with his residency, so they'll have to become best buds then! We are looking forward to it! : ) I love this picture that we took of them at the hospital when we were visiting my mom.

Here we are with the Bionic Woman! That's her new nickname since both of her hips are fake now. She looks great though, doesn't she!

So Sad!!

So Sad! These pictures are from our last family get together before Ryan, April, and Emmet left for Medical School! They left last weekend, so right now I'm teary eyed looking at these pictures, because I already miss them tons! Ryan has sent some e-mails to my Mom, so atleast we know that they made it to the Caribbean okay, but I guess that it wasn't all that easy! That's a story for another blog. Anyways, they came over to Moses Lake, and we celebrated Ryan's birthday early, since he would be in Grand Cayman on his birthday, and since Kritt was up we got our family pictures taken. These family pictures will only be current for 5 more months since Ryan and April are having another baby boy in December. It always seems to happen like that. Once you get family pictures updated something changes in someones family. This was a pretty fun day. We all just hung out and chatted forever. It was a great last get together.

Kendra being crazy, as usual! : )

I do have to tell you guys that Taylor is the only one that can get Conner really laughing histarically! He loves his Aunt Tay! It's so hilarious how anything that she does he immediatley starts cracking up big time! This time she was dancing like crazy. He of course laughed so hard forever! It's a crack up!

Here's Conner cracking up!

Cute Tay!

Here is again our crazy Tay! She has this habit of taking everyone's cameras and taking action shots of herself. For some reason her mouth is always open! It's pretty funny when you download your pictures from your camera, and there's a bunch of random pictures of Tay that she took of herself!


Many Faces of Conner, Again! : )

This kid has the most amazing tongue. Well I will have to admit that he got it from me. I know, I know why would I admit that, well I'm pretty proud of the fact that I can touch my nose and beyond with my tongue. It's so funny though how long Conner's tongue is. After I feed him he goes around his lips with it, and he looks like a little lizard. It cracks me up.

This is the look that Conner gives his Auntie April all the time! It's so cute, because she is the only one that can get him to do it. It's like he's being bashful or something. I love love it!

This was Dad's doing of course! It was hilarious though. Conner made the funniest face at first, but of course I missed the kodak moment again!


I so love a diaper bum. Only on little babies of course, sorry I didn't want anyone to get confused! Anyways, just lately Conner has started to sleep in a little stink bug position. Everytime that I go to check on him he's like this! I could just look at him forever! It's so adorable.

What a Faker!

Conner is getting such a personality. He seriously cracks me up everyday! Lately it seems like he is only content with being on the floor with toys for like 2 minutes. He use to love to just play, but I guess the pictures shows what he does when he's ready for someone to pick him up! He'll fake cry for like 2 seconds, and then just starts to say DaDaDaDa. What a little stinker!

Fake cry face.

His face after fake crying for like 4 seconds.


This was Conner's first time sitting on grass! I wasn't sure what he would think of it, but he didn't seem to mind it! I was holding him and had to run and grab something in the house that would require both hands, so I was looking around for someone to hold Conner. No one was available, so my next choice was just to set him down on the grass. The guys where playing basketball right in front of him, so he was entertained. After a while though he started to pick up his legs in an attempt to not be touching the grass.

What a cutie!

Our House!!!

So here is pretty much what our house looks like now. The front porch wasn't up yet in this picture, and that's what I love, so I'll have to post one latter with the porch railing, because it's adorable. Yes as I said earlier we are finally in our house, and right now I am trying to paint first before we put up everything on the walls. I can't wait. It's so hard though trying to decide what color to do. I would hate it so bad if I didn't like the color and then had to repaint it, but I have realized through this painting experience that I am having is that I absolutely hate taping off to paint! It's awful. We have vaulted ceilings too, and man it stinks trying to get all the way to the top! I'll have to post pictures of the finished product, but don't be expecting them anytime soon, because it might take awhile.