Coming Soon........

Okay, so hopefully soon! I will be back with a great post about the happenings in the last month of our lives. We have plenty of pictures, and good stories. We had a great girl's weekend shopping in Utah last weekend, and Thanksgiving was so yummy! If anyone still looks at my blog, I promise that there will updates soon! : )


Where does the time go?...........

Okay, so I can't believe that it seriously has been so long since my last post. Anyways, we have survived Halloween and I do have some pictures that I need to put up, but for now this post is going to be picture less. Right now Grandma and Grandpa Moberg are over in the Grand Caymans visiting Ryan and April and boys. First they started off with a quick stop in Florida where Uncle Scott met up with them. In Florida Grandpa Moberg and Scott were able to accomplish an Ironman! Hooray for them! Seriously I don't know how they do it, but they did awesome. Right now I am in Moses Lake. I have been here with the boys for a little over a week now. I came to stay with Kendra and Tay while the parents are gone. It's been super fun to hang out with the younger sisters, and Conner has just been trying to follow Tay everywhere! Taylor and Kendra are great girls, so it has just been a breeze hanging out and taking care of the house with them. My mom has a house keeper, so now I am totally sold on the whole house keeper idea. It's super nice to not have to worry about all the nitty gritty cleaning like the bathrooms and floors and all. I think that it's going to be a lot harder to go back to my old world of just me and the boys at home by ourselves during the day, and no house keeper! : ) I am missing my handsome sweet hubby though! He's so great! He's just been hanging out with the dog while we've been gone. He did manage to come up and surprise me yesterday! He's so good to me! I think that he's being extra sweet though all next week he's going fishing and hunting, well basically all next week. Grandma and Grandpa Moberg and schduled to be back this Saturday, but unfortunately they are stuck in a tropical storm right now that is suppose to turn into a hurricane by Friday. Oh, and it's also heading pretty much for Grand Cayman right now too! Their poor vacation turned into a huge down pour! We'll keep our fingers crossed that they can make it out before the storm hits, but that chance isn't looking good right now!

Halloween was fun. I thought that Conner would be so much more into Trick or Treating, but maybe next year! He was Superman, because that kid is crazy! Jace was a teddy bear, and boy was he ever the cutest teddy bear, sorry Grandma Walters for the huge blow out in the teddy bear costume, but thanks so much for getting it all cleaned up! : ) Aunt Tay went as the cutest Hannah Montana look a like ever! We had fun up until Conner started to have huge temper tantrums little stinker! We did manage to survive, and they all made out with some good loot! : ) Pictures to follow soon, when I get back into my routine, and regular computer!

So far things have been fun, and now I have to steal away for the weekend to return to regular life for a couple of days, and help out with our wards super saturday! It will be tons of fun, and there is some pretty fun classes. I am teaching an embroidery craft, so hopefully all goes well, but I'm sure I'll be returning to take care of the girls here in moses lake considering how the weather is looking for the vacationers!