Great Progress

We were able to make a very quick stop at our house yesterday. I was so excited about the progress they made since the last time we were there. They had all the light fixtures in, all the laminate flooring was installed, and our cabinets and countertops were installed. I am so excited to know that we are still on schdule to move in this weekend! : ) I can't wait! Our house will have four bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. It has one big family room when you first walk in, and it's all open with the kitchen and dining room. I can't wait until we get to actually move all of our stuff in and get all settled. : )

"Our Kitchen"
The countertops

They got all of the cement poured! The back patio was still wet so Jess wrote WALTERS 2007 in a corner of it.


The Quilt

I have been working on this quilt forever! We are going to put it in our bedroom, because it matches the colors that I have always wanted to do in our room. I have never made a quilt this big, and I think that I'll take a break from making one of these for awhile. It was fun though to see the finish product, well almost finished. I still have to get it quilted and put the binding on, but you still can see how it's going to end up. Conner was so nice to let me work like a mad woman this past weekend, so that I could get it all put together! : )I just wanted to get it done before we get into our house.


Birthday Girl

I can't believe that our little Taylor is already 12 years old! She's so grown up now! She had a great birthday though. Scott and Kendra were on the Trek, so it was just Jess, Conner and I, and Grandma and Grandpa Moberg. We opened presents first, and then we went to Spokane. My Mom got us all tickets to the Walking with Dinosaurs show! Before the show we all went to one of Taylor's favorite places to eat, Red Robin. Of course she told them that it was her birthday. After dinner we went to the show. It was a pretty cool show. The dinosaurs looked so real! As Grandpa Moberg would say, "It definitely isn't running with Dinosaurs!". He said this because it was kind of slow, but for kids it was great. You really learn a lot about Dinosaurs. Conner was quite the whole time. I think that he was just trying to figure out what the heck they were. He was a champ though, because he started to get sick that night. All in all I think that she had a success Birthday.

She was so excited to get her High School Musical dolls. She is so obsessed with Troy! She wants to Marry him someday.

I love this picture. Tay was smiling so big for my Mom.

Here's Tay opening our present we gave her.

This year when ever you asked Taylor what she wanted for her birthday she would say a pink camera, a pink phone, and a pink ipod. She loves to take every's ipods and listen to them, so my parents thought that she need her own one. They got her a pink ipod nano. She was so exicted when she opened it. She just kept telling my Mom that she loves her. It was hilarious.

Here we all are right before the dinosaur show started.

It is so cute how excited Taylor gets for holidays. Everyday for the past week she would wake up and ask if she was 12 yet. I don't know what we would do without her in our family! She really keeps us laughing! She's so adorable, and by the end of the night she was definitley worn out from all the partying. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun day! : )

Such a Busy Boy : )

With our move in date set as this weekend I have been trying to get a lot done. I had been making a quilt for our bedroom, and we have been trying to finish our head board for our bed. Well, as I was trying to squeeze in some sewing time in between Conner and Mom time, Conner was very impatient! The only way I could just finish up my sewing project was to put Conner on the table in front of my. He was so cute! He just sat there like such a good boy, and watched me sew! It was so funny! He started to grab at my fabric though, so I gave him the scrap fabric to keep him busy. Believe it or not it worked! He cracks me up everyday!

Both of these pictures are just way to funny! I am dead serious when I say that Conner likes to pull faces for the camera! I have so many pictures of Conner pulling some pretty funny faces! His personality just gets funnier and funnier as he gets older. He definently gets it from his Dad! : )

Our House!!!

This past Tuesday Jess had to work in Tri-Cities, so my Mother in Law and I went down there to meet the boys for dinner, and to run some errands. We went by the house to check things out. We knew that things were moving fast, but we didn't know this fast. Just a week ago just the framing was up, but now all the siding is on and the inside is all sheet rocked and painted! I can't believe it! I just can't wait. They still have to put in the cabinents, do all the flooring, install the underground sprinklers and put down sod, and put the rock on the front of the garage. It's all taking shape now, and I can image us in it! I was looking around inside just seeing where all the furniture was going to go! I can't wait! : )

Jess being funny with the porta potty.
What a goof ball.

This year was my Mom's turn to host the Annual Wade Family Reunion. Everyone made their way up to Washington to the "Moberg Acre". It was lots of fun! Everyone was there except for Eric's family. We spent a lot of time in the water, since it was above 100 degrees most of the weekend. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Everyone arrived on Thursday, and settled in. Friday we just relaxed and let the kids play on all the water toys. Saturday the boys got to go paintballing, and the girls got to go to lunch at Dana's while the men watched the kids. My Mom planned this really fun movie night for the kids, while the women did a craft. We even decided to try something new. Every family get together we wait until the last minute to take pictures of all the family. This time we decided to have an organized planned time for family pictures. They turned out really good thanks to our neighbor across the street. We got to take everyone to the Aquatic Center where Jess and my Cousin Tanner did some mean belly flops off of the high dive. Everyone took off on Sunday, and Ryan, April, and Emmet where here all day, so our fun even continued on until the late hours. All in all I think that the reunion was a huge success. My mom did a great job. We didn't run out of food, and thanks to Dad we got a huge hair ball out of my Cousin Halley's hair. : )

Conner and Aunt Kendra hanging out while people are arriving and getting settled in.

The huge slip and slide was a huge hit! I think that the kids thought that we had our own little amusement park in our back yard between the huge slip and slide, and the hot tub, big swing set, volleyball court that we mowed out of the grass, and our blow up jumping castle. They had to have been worn out for a whole week at least after this reunion! : )

Conner spending some quality time with Great Grandpa Wade! Conner loves him to be entertained by him. It's pretty funny listening to Gramps making sounds trying to get Conner to laugh. It works everytime! : )

I am not sure why Colby was walking around in his underwear. It was such a reunion thing to do.

Conner absolutely loves the trampoline. Of course we don't jump very high, but he just laughs and laughs when he bounces even just a little bit!

This is my Aunt's cute dog Lexie. She had a tough time at the Reunion. Taylor was holding her on the trampoline, and decided to throw her from the tramp to the deck. She's such a little dog that when she landed she hurt her leg. She limped on it for two days. My Aunt took her to the vet because we were worried that she broke her leg. Thank goodness, she just bruised it really bad. By the last day of the reunion she was back to her old self. She's such a sweet dog. I think that Jess is in love with her! : )

Tay and Mom were watching the volleyballers. We had some pretty good players. Jess, Scott, and Ryan were the champion beach volleyball team at the Aquatic Center Volleyball Tournament. They were pretty proud of the little sacks of candie that they won. : )

My champion volleyballer.

My cousin Aubree watching the game.

Here's Morgan. What a cutie!

This picture has kind of a funny story. All the adults were playing games, and the kids were just kind of running around playing with all of the toys. All of a sudden the kids were gone and no were to be found. We borrowed a RV from a family friend for the reunion, and just parked it next to the house. I knew that they were in there, so I went to check it out. I could hear them from outside, so I walked up slowly. I think that they saw me coming, because I opened the door just to see them staring at me looking like little angels. I asked them what they were doing, and they said that they were playing house. They told me to come back and check on them in 1 mile. : ) Well after checking on them numerous times I came to the conclusion that the girls were doing what they do best, bossing the boys around. The girls were actting like they were their moms and they were telling the boys that they needed to go to bed. The last time that I checked on them I told them that I wanted to get a picture of all of them, and believe it or not they grouped together just like they look in the picture. What cuties!

Here's Elizabeth with Lexie the dog. Elizabeth has had crystal blue eyes since she was little. What a cutie!

Conner had so much fun. The little girls loved him! They liked to pretend that they were his Mom. It was so cute, they just kept saying how they were all going to be Mom's someday!

Here's Kolby being Kolby.

Lindsay loves to ham it up for the camera. Everytime that I saw her she would ask me to take her picture.

Michael was just enjoying the slide.

Here's Jaya playing on the swing set.

Getting ready for the paintball war.
Jess and my cousin Ben getting their gear ready!

Early Saturday morning all the guys got to go out paintballing. They had to get out early before it got way too hot. They were gone for a good four hours. They really had a tons of fun. I think that that was the reunion highlight for them. Jess was pretty excited because we got him a paintball gun for his birthday and he hadn't been able to use it yet. He even got himself a new camo outfit. I think the camo worked because he said that he only got hit once. : )

Emmet and Conner in their way cute matching hats on their first trip to the Aquatic Center. The line was long, but once we got inside it was worth it to soak up the cool pool!

What a flirt.
A big thank you goes out to Auntie April, because she took these pictures for me at the Aquatic Center. She takes such cute pictures, and Conner just loves to pose for her! It's so cute how much he really does flirt with her! : )

The boys were just enjoying the water. They both took short nap breaks, but they were back in the water as soon as they woke up. It was really hot so it was nice for them to be able to cool off in the water.

The clan! I know Jess and I really need to work on our tan lines. We both look like we're wearing t-shirts.

I love this picture.

The Dad's : )

Emmet is so cute! He kicks his legs in the water like he's swimming. It is so adorable.

Ryan and Emmet.

Aunt Taylor cracking him up!

I just couldn't help myself. We just got back from swimming at the Aquatic Center, and I just love cute babies in their diapers! I think it's their way cute rolls! : )

Conner just loves his little blue dog! He chews on it all the time. I've had to get a couple so that I can switch them out and wash them.