Baby News, Finally! : )

Okay, so we are so sorry that we haven't posted lately. Lots of things have been going on, and we have been so busy. Anyways, to start off we had our ultrasound a week or so ago, and the results are kind of it, I guess. The lady that did the ultrasound said that we are having, another BOY!!! If I had to kind of guess before the ultrasound I kind of thought that we were going to have a girl just because this pregnancy is completely opposite then Conner's was, but I guess every one is different right. I had no idea what we were having though. I was trying to use my motherly instincts to see if I could kind of tell what we were going to have, but that just left me more confused. Anyways, when she told us that we were having another boy we both got really excited because this one and Conner will be 18 months apart, and it will be fun to watch them grow up together! Then after the ultrasound we had an appointment with the doctor, and he really threw us for a whirl! When he came into the room the first thing that he said to us was that he looked over our ultrasound, and he wasn't seeing how the lady thought that we were going to have a boy. I couldn't believe it! I wasn't sure what to think! We got really excited about having a boy, and then he came in and said that we might be having a girl! WHAT!!! The good thing is though is that at the ultrasound they couldn't get a good look at the babies face, so they had to schedule me for another one to try to get a better look! Their lucky because I have to know for sure what we're having or I'm going to go crazy!! After comparing the ultrasound pictures to Conner's though Jess and I both have no doubt that we're having a boy, but who knows! My next ultrasound is on Valentine's Day, so they should be able to see for sure what we're having then because I'll be like 25 weeks along. I feel like this pregnancy is just flying by, and I have so much stuff I have to do! We have to move Conner into the guest room, and move the guest room into my "Craft Room". My craft room never really got organized into a craft room, but I'm still going to work on it even though it's going to be the guest room. I'm kind of sad to move Conner to the other side of the house! I kind of like him close by, but him room he's in right now is the smallest, so that's going to be like our designated nursery, I guess! : ) I also want to paint all the rooms, and we're putting up beader board in our kitchen and dining room right now, so I feel crazy all over the place!!! On another note everything is going good but it seems like my poor little guy can not get feeling good! He's been sick for like almost the whole month! It all started out with a cold, and then it proceeded to like this flu bug thing with puck, fever, and the works! That flu thing lasted for like a week, and then of course Jess and I got it too. Then he had this ugly cough for a couple of weeks, and he started waking up in the morning and from his naps with a really high fever. When his cough started to get really gross sounding I ran him to the clinic, because I was just sick of him being sick and I wanted something to make him better, and you could just tell that he was so uncomfortable! Well, it turns out he had an upper respiratory infection. He got antibiotics, and after a few days on those he's doing a ton better, so I am super excited! This time of year is just so hard with this whole getting sick thing, so hopefully next year will be easier! He just had his 1 year check up and everything is great! The doctor said that he's tall for his age, and I about killed over because coming from Jess and I that kid has no chance, so we'll see how long it lasts! : )

April, Emmet, and Weston made it back to the islands this past weekend, and we were so sad to see them go! Conner already really misses his little buddy! Hopefully it won't be to long before we get together again! Good luck at school Ry and we love and miss you guys tons! : )

I know that I'm writing the longest post ever, and I don't really have any pictures to put on here yet, so I am very sorry! Last thing though before I sign off I just wanted to say Congrats to my cousin Annalee, her husband Randall and their adorable little guy Mack! They just finalized their adoption and will soon be getting their cute little family sealed for eternity! I am so excited for them! Congrats you guys and we'll be thinking about you! : )
I had to put a picture on here, so of course here's one of my cute little guy! : )


Family Pictures

This Christmas for both families ever one was home for the holidays, so we were able to get updated family pictures.

Random Pics

So I didn't really get any good pics from Christmas Eve, so I stole some of my Mom's. There's also a couple of random ones included as well.

Again here's our crazy climber! He kept getting up on top of this box, and then climbing down. What a nut! : )
The girls and the cute two little guys on Christmas Eve.
Conner's Christmas PJ's from the Grandparents.
They got matching track outfits, and they were so excited as you can see. : )
Conner and Mom watching everyone open their PJ's.

Crazy Kid

The weekend after Christmas my brother Scott had a BBall tournament in Idaho. There is this indoor water park called Triple Play in Hayden, Idaho that we heard was super fun, so we decided to make a fun weekend out of it. Conner loves the water, so I was excited for him to go and be able to play like crazy, and boy did he ever! I knew that he would love it, but I didn't think that he would love it this much. He acts so big for his age it just cracks me up. Again you can see his climbing skills come to play here. There was this rope wall that he just kept going up, and then once he got to the top he would walk over to the big tube slides and want to go down them himself. We finally did let him go down a couple of times by himself, and he loved it! He's such a crack up! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Moberg for the way fun time! : )


Snow Day

Christmas Day brought us some snow, and it kept snowing. The kids were so so excited! We all went out and enjoyed some sledding behind the 4 wheeler, and some yummy fresh snow snow cones. Conner and I didn't stay out for long because he didn't have any gloves, but that didn't stop him! He would fall down and put his hands in the snow and just jump right back up. Once we finally did get back in the house after he threw a fit because he wanted to stay outside we were able to warm up. Poor guy his little hands were so cold, but he wasn't to worried about it. He's so stinkin cute! He takes after me I guess, because I have always loved the snow.

Merry Christmas 2007

Finally, it's Janruary 3 and I am just getting our Christmas pictures up. Boy, was it a successful Christmas! It was especially fun with Conner this year, because he really did get into the whole opening present thing! We spent the majority of our Christmas as Jess' parents house with the whole fam! It was really fun to get to see and spend time with everyone. It seemed to go by so fast now looking back, but we were able to squeeze a lot of fun things in. We also did spend a lot of time over at Grandma and Grandpa Moberg's house, too. Conner loves to play with his cousin Emmet, and Ryan is heading back to the islands on the 7th, so we wanted to get some more time in with him before he heads back to the books.
Christmas Eve night we had some yummy sandwiches from Subway, and of course Santa stopped by for a visit. Jess' Dad made a pretty good Santa. It was pretty fun to see Conner's face when Santa handed him his present. He wasn't sure what to think.

Here's all the goods Christmas morning before all the kids came and attacked. Santa really loaded us up this year. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Conner just checking things out.

Grammy and Gramps Walters gave Conner this really cool wagon. It will be tons of fun this summer for going on walks. It's quite the wagons of all wagons.

Jess just showing off his new tatoos. A really cool Santa left these in his stocking. They went really well with his guitar hero that he got from my family. I am super excited for the gifts that Jess' parents gave us. We got a Tom Tom GPS and a 72 hour kit. We didn't have a 72 hour kit yet, so I was super excited to know that now we'll be prepared for atleast 72 hours! : ) I got Jess some new Nikes, and some other little things because we both agreed to not go over board on each other this year. I guess that he completely forgot about our agreement, because he got me a new camera! : ) I am still so super excited. He got a Nikon D40. I love taking pictures, and now I'll have to learn all the new fun things that I can do with this camera. He even got me a bigger lense to go with it! I was so excited, I almost started to cry with joy!

All the empty boxes kept Conner pretty busy.

After our present opening at the Walters, we made our way over to my family's house for some more present opening and fun. Here's Conner checking out Aunt Taylor's new doll house. I'm not really sure what he was reaching for.
Jess loves loves loves his new guitar hero. It was such a hit with him and all his brothers. Even me and Jess' sister Kelli got in on some of the action while the kids napped. It is pretty addicting. Jess keeps telling me that he can't wait to rock out together when we get home. I really think that those tatoo sleeves really make the rocker. : ) I got some fun stuff too! Santa brought me a photo printer, some fun stuff for my kitchen, makeup, and some fun cute Lia Sophia jewelry. It will be lots of fun to get back home and start using all our new fun gifts.

After a good Christmas brunch we all headed out for a good time at the bowling alley. Here's Jess sporting his new coat from my parents.
Conner just enjoying the little ride, and my attempt to keep him busy.

Conner wanted so bad to do what everyone else was doing, so Jess helped him enjoy his first time bowling.

The kids loved bowling. Here's Madison and Preslee waiting for their turn. What cuties!

Carson just enjoying some root beer.

Carson and Madison watching their ball very closely.

Here's my attempt to try to get a cute picture of Conner by the tree before our Christmas day came to a close. We had a yummy Christmas dinner that night which brought our lovely Christmas day to an end. It makes me sad to think that we have to wait a whole year until Christmas 2008, but Christmas 2007 was a huge success.

Birthday Party #2

Jess' whole family came home for the holidays, so once everyone got here we had another party for Conner. It was lots of fun to have it with all the cousins, and of course he made out with some fun stuff! : ) Grammy and Gramps Walters gave him a Baby V-smile, Chad and Stef and the kids gave him a fun cowboy runner for his room, and Kelli, Scott, and the kids gave him a way cute stuffed animal horse that is so so so soft. Again, he had a very successful first birthday.


It's Fun To Be One : )

Holy cow! Time flies so fast. Our little guy is already one! I swear though he acts like he's two, atleast! He thinks that he such a big person already, and all he wants to do is what all the adults are doing. He definently keeps us way busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! He turned one on the 20th. We kind of kept with the theme of his room, and did a Cowboy party. It was lots of fun. I made homemade chili, and my Mom cooked up some mean cornbread. Of course he made a killing with some great gifts too! Jess and I got him a rocking horse, which he's terrified of, and Grandma and Grandpa Moberg got him a cute little tikes coupe car! He loves his car. It was so fun to watch him figure it out right away! What a little smartie! He went right to the door and jumped right in. It has a siren and everything. Uncle Ryan, Aunt April, Emmet, and Weston gave him a sheriff badge to wear and a fun lego set.

We all went and enjoyed some lunch at good old Bar B Que Depot. Yummy!

Of course where else would we find him, but on top of something. He so loves to climb anything and everything. I guess he was probably trying to figure out his escape route.

Emmet and Conner love playing in boxes. I swear he would play in one all night if we let him.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Moberg sent him these way cute cowboy boot slippers. I love love them!

Hangin out with Dad.

Thanks to Grandma Moberg for getting Conner these way cute 1st birthday socks, and he also got a cute shirt that matches them.

Conner and all the goods. We got him a cute little cowboy hat that I found when I went to go and get paper plates and napkins at the Paper Factory. He wouldn't keep it on for very long though, so this picture was probably attempt 38 to get a good one.

It was pretty fun opening presents. He did really good. I wasn't sure if he would be interested in it or not, but he figured it out after the first couple.

Showing off his new outfit. I think that his face is hilarious.

His scary rocking horse. We have made some progress. He does now sit on it if it's not making noise. I especially love Uncle Ryan's face in the background of this picture.

Conner's way cute car. It will be fun to have at the house. It will probably keep him busy long enough for me to get something done, and that's awesome whenever that happens.

I'm not a pro cake decorator or anything, but I thought that the cake turned out pretty cute.

He wasn't to sure what to do with the lit candle though, so Dad helped him out.

Conner is our big eater. He eats mostly anything that you put in front of him, especially sweet stuff. I thought that he would just attack the cake, but who knows I guess maybe he's not a cake person like his mom. He just kind of poked at it for awhile.

I guess Jess couldn't take it any longer, so he grabbed the cake and shoved it right into Conner's little face. Poor guy!

He started to get a little partied out after awhile. Looking back though I think that his first birthday was pretty successful.