Baby News, Finally! : )

Okay, so we are so sorry that we haven't posted lately. Lots of things have been going on, and we have been so busy. Anyways, to start off we had our ultrasound a week or so ago, and the results are kind of it, I guess. The lady that did the ultrasound said that we are having, another BOY!!! If I had to kind of guess before the ultrasound I kind of thought that we were going to have a girl just because this pregnancy is completely opposite then Conner's was, but I guess every one is different right. I had no idea what we were having though. I was trying to use my motherly instincts to see if I could kind of tell what we were going to have, but that just left me more confused. Anyways, when she told us that we were having another boy we both got really excited because this one and Conner will be 18 months apart, and it will be fun to watch them grow up together! Then after the ultrasound we had an appointment with the doctor, and he really threw us for a whirl! When he came into the room the first thing that he said to us was that he looked over our ultrasound, and he wasn't seeing how the lady thought that we were going to have a boy. I couldn't believe it! I wasn't sure what to think! We got really excited about having a boy, and then he came in and said that we might be having a girl! WHAT!!! The good thing is though is that at the ultrasound they couldn't get a good look at the babies face, so they had to schedule me for another one to try to get a better look! Their lucky because I have to know for sure what we're having or I'm going to go crazy!! After comparing the ultrasound pictures to Conner's though Jess and I both have no doubt that we're having a boy, but who knows! My next ultrasound is on Valentine's Day, so they should be able to see for sure what we're having then because I'll be like 25 weeks along. I feel like this pregnancy is just flying by, and I have so much stuff I have to do! We have to move Conner into the guest room, and move the guest room into my "Craft Room". My craft room never really got organized into a craft room, but I'm still going to work on it even though it's going to be the guest room. I'm kind of sad to move Conner to the other side of the house! I kind of like him close by, but him room he's in right now is the smallest, so that's going to be like our designated nursery, I guess! : ) I also want to paint all the rooms, and we're putting up beader board in our kitchen and dining room right now, so I feel crazy all over the place!!! On another note everything is going good but it seems like my poor little guy can not get feeling good! He's been sick for like almost the whole month! It all started out with a cold, and then it proceeded to like this flu bug thing with puck, fever, and the works! That flu thing lasted for like a week, and then of course Jess and I got it too. Then he had this ugly cough for a couple of weeks, and he started waking up in the morning and from his naps with a really high fever. When his cough started to get really gross sounding I ran him to the clinic, because I was just sick of him being sick and I wanted something to make him better, and you could just tell that he was so uncomfortable! Well, it turns out he had an upper respiratory infection. He got antibiotics, and after a few days on those he's doing a ton better, so I am super excited! This time of year is just so hard with this whole getting sick thing, so hopefully next year will be easier! He just had his 1 year check up and everything is great! The doctor said that he's tall for his age, and I about killed over because coming from Jess and I that kid has no chance, so we'll see how long it lasts! : )

April, Emmet, and Weston made it back to the islands this past weekend, and we were so sad to see them go! Conner already really misses his little buddy! Hopefully it won't be to long before we get together again! Good luck at school Ry and we love and miss you guys tons! : )

I know that I'm writing the longest post ever, and I don't really have any pictures to put on here yet, so I am very sorry! Last thing though before I sign off I just wanted to say Congrats to my cousin Annalee, her husband Randall and their adorable little guy Mack! They just finalized their adoption and will soon be getting their cute little family sealed for eternity! I am so excited for them! Congrats you guys and we'll be thinking about you! : )
I had to put a picture on here, so of course here's one of my cute little guy! : )


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

It's about time, you slacker!! : ) I miss you guys tons and can't wait for the news on V-day... the officaly news that is. It'll be great if it's a boy, connor will love it. Good luck on the housework. Love ya!

Randall, Annalee, and Mack said...

thanks for the shout out! I am thinking its a boy...but I am always wrong!! That stinks that Connor has been so sick. mack got 2 teeth over the weekend...awful! But at least it wasnt the flu, I hate throw up! I sent you an invitaion to the sealing...and it got returned...I got the zip wrong, so I am resending it, sorry it will be a little late, I just wanted you to have one though!

Ashley said...

yeah so it'll be exciting if you guys have another boy...but it'll be more relieving on v-day when you find out for sure!!

anyways...i can't believe that i ever forgot to ask you about Cache...funny thing is that he went to SVU the last semester we were there to play baseball..and of course our best friends that we met over there is his brother and sister-in-law..so he had told me he knew you after you graduated...i thought it was crazy too...he's a fun guy and his brother and his wife are the most fun couple...we were unseparable when we lived there...we miss them tons..cache is serious with his girlfriend he has now..and we might go down to utah in may to see them all..good people..

Colleen Donovan said...

Holy wow! Congrats on the new baby. Mmmm... I love babies. :)