Huge Thanks! : )

Thank you everyone so much for all the sweet comments you've left! We really appreciate all the support and kindness that everyone has given us. We also owe a huge thanks to both Jess and I's parents! We could have never done it without you guys! They were all so great to help us out greatly with Conner while we were in the hospital. I think that he had too much fun, because he never even missed us! We really are so thankful for all our family and friends, so thanks again for everything.

We also wanted to send out a huge congrats to Jess' sister Kelli and her family. They had their baby boy this morning at 11:00 in Los Angeles. He was 7lb 9oz. and we are so excited for him and Jace to become great friends! : 0 ) We hope that everyone is doing great and we can't wait to meet the little guy! : )


More Pictures : )

Well, yes we finally did get to go home. I hate staying in the hospital. It is so boring! We got to go home the Sunday after I had Jace. We were going to go home on Saturday, but Jace got a temperature of over 100, so the doctor's wouldn't let him leave yet. We are all home and happy, and getting use to all the changes. Jace is such a good little guy, and he reminds me a lot of Conner when he was a baby! Hopefully it stays that way because Conner was a really easy baby, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. He only wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night, and he's a great little eater. Jace and Conner both had doctor's appointments yesterday, and they are both doing great. Jace came in at 7lb. 14oz. and 21 inches long. It's so crazy how fast they grow. Conner is warming up to him pretty good. He loves to give him loves, and every time that he passes by Jace he always says "Hi" and waves. We're working on the whole gentle part though. Conner doesn't quite understand the whole fragile thing yet. I'm getting used to this whole two kids thing, and I'm loving having another little guy around. I was able to finally get some more pictures up today, so enjoy. There's more of the hospital and when we brought Jace home. There's quite a few, so sorry that it goes on forever! : )
Big Brother Conner visiting Mom and little Brother Jace.

Jace was just checking things out. What a cutie! : )

Conner was still not quite sure about everything. Dad was helping him warm up to the new little guy.

Our poor Conner is only 18 months and he loves pop!

I love this kid! He's so sweet!

When Jace had a temp they had us keep the blankets off of him. I just love how little they are. It freaks Jess out!

Cute little feet!

This was after I got him ready to go home.

Conner wasn't a pacifier baby, but Jace takes it more then he did. Hopefully he doesn't get too attached.

Getting ready to go.

This was after we got home, and Conner was checking things out. He was probably thinking "What, you brought it home"?

Love the brown and blue outfit, thanks Grandma Moberg.

Conner was still checking things out.

I love this baby! He just melts my heart.

Giving Grandma loves before she heads back home.

Conner smileing for the camera. What a goof! It's so crazy, he's such a little talker. It really freaks me out, but I guess he is a big brother now. : )



Laptops are so nice when you are stuck in a hospital and you are so super bored! : ) I was just sitting here with my Mom still in amazment on how much Jace looks like Conner, so I decided to compare pics! Conner looks a little bit skinnier in the face because he was 9 oz's smaller then Jace, and Conner had jaundice and Jace doesn't so Conner looks darker toned. Other then those differences I am so amazed on the similairities! It will be fun to see if they continue to look so similair as Jace gets more mature.

Conner freshly born. : )

Jace freshly born! : )


Finally it let me upload some pics, so here ya go! Of course there will be more to follow! : ) Enjoy!!

Mom and Jace right after birth! : )

Proud PaPa! : )

Of course Grandma Moberg was there to welcome the little guy, too! : )

Jace getting in some Grammy Walters time.

Conner's Twin is Here : )

I am so sad right now. I was going to put up a picture of the new little guy, but it's not letting me so I promise I'll try again soon!

Back to the good news! Jace Jackson Walters finally made his entrance , yes on Friday the 13th, at 12:35 AM. He's 7lbs. 2oz. and 19 inches long. I am seriously still in shock on how well everything went! We came in to be induced at 5 oclock yesterday, and since I was already dialated to a 4 they said that I could get an epidural even before they start the induction! Can you believe that because at first I didn't, so yes I felt absolutely no contractions the entire time. How could life have been any better?! : ) They put me on pitocin and slowly increased it every half hour until I gave the word that we were ready! Once it came to that point the doctor came in and left within 6 minutes. Seriously three pushes and he was out! I couldn't have asked for anything better! Not even one stich either. I still am pinching myself, because it seems way to good to be true. Conner's delivery was pretty easy though once he decided to come down, but my pregnancy was so different with this one that you just never want to plan on anything being the same and getting your hopes up. It cracks Jess and I up how much he seriously looks like Conner! Even the face that he makes when he crys looks just like Conner's! We'll see what Conner thinks about Jace here soon when he comes up for a visit. I'm super excited to see if he'll even react to the situation because I don't really know how much he really understands yet about the whole situation.
Conner was such a good baby for us that we thought for sure we weren't going to be so lucky with this one, but I think that we did get lucky! He hasn't really even made a peep since he was born! All the rest of the night not even a moan or a groan or anything! He's been so much like Conner when Conner was a baby, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it continues that way! ; )

Well, we just wanted to share the good news with everyone, and hopefully we'll figure out the picture situation soon because he is such a cutie! : )


Conner's New Room

So, with the arrival coming of the new little one we needed to move Conner across the house into a new room. The room he was in is designated the nursery because it's the smallest out of all four rooms. With this whole nesting thing that I'm on I was determined to get things done quick. Jess and I painted, and got everything settled in for him and his first night in there was last night! I love how it turned out! Jess wasn't to sure about the whole stripe thing, but I love how it just frames the pictures! Now it's just time to paint the baby's room and our room! Jess is so excited, actually not really. I just love done rooms it just makes it feel so cozy! I got some cow hide print fabric to make some curtains out of, so I can't wait to get those done I think that it will just finish it off!

Hopefully the Last Picture of "The Belly"

Well, here it is "The Picture"! I told jess that we needed to take a picture today of my pregnant self, because hopefully we won't get another chance to! : ) I was going to post news after my last appointment, but I have hit my nesting stage and I have hit hard! I didn't really ever have a nesting stage when I was pregnant with Conner, but boy with this one things have gotten out of control, I guess in a good way! I thrown a lot out, and gotten a lot organized, and we still have a big list of things that I want done before the baby gets here which could be any day! Yikes! At my appointment they checked me, and I was for sure that there would still be nothing happening yet, because with Conner I never started to dialate even up to my due date, nothing! Well, when he told me that I was at a 2 and 1/2 I about freaked! I was excited to know that things were happening because I really don't want to be induced again, but it just really put into perspective how fast this whole delivery thing is coming! The time just flew right by me! Jess kind of freaked too! All of a sudden he was getting serious about finding a name, and he started to list off more things that we need to get done! My Mom is way nervous too, because my little brother graduates this weekend and my little sister's have their dance recital, so there is going to be a lot of people up at their house. When I told her the news she said I couldn't have a baby yet, because it doesn't fit into her plans right now. I guess it doesn't really fit into ours either, but boy I think that I would be okay with going into labor tonight. : ) Things would work out, right Mom? : ) My official due date is a week from today, so we'll see I'm pretty much planning on still having to be induced, darn! I have another appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see what the news is then! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I just hope that I at least dialate more because man with Conner it took me 12 hours of induction to get to 2 cm. it was mirserable! We are super excited though to finally get to meet and see this little guy! He is still measuring small, so I guess that's a good and bad thing. When Conner was born at 6lb. 9oz. he just felt so small and fragile. If this baby is smaller it will freak me out! I'll post again after my appointment and keep everyone updated, but it could happen any day now! Holy Cow!

One week to go, or less! : )

This is Jess' picture taking. At first he was trying to get me to stand where he could take a picture and watch TV at the same time because Bourne Identity was on. Once I figured out what he was up to I harped on him. What a goof! : ) Conner wanted in on the picture, too. I had to post one with him in it. He wouldn't smile though he just wanted to stand there.

Crash and Burn....

On Friday we went over to Moses Lake for my little brother's graduation BBQ. It was tons of fun and of course there was tons of yummy food! I was so excited! There is nothing better then a good BBQ with lots of homemade salads, and yummy goodies! The hamburgers were to die for, too of course! : ) Conner just had a ball hanging out with Aunt Tay and watching all the big kids play volleyball. He would live outdoors if we let him. This kid has no fear though. It makes me a little nervous because I don't know what he's going to do next. My parents have this big play toy with a big slide and swings in the backyard, and Conner just climbs right up that thing all by himself and goes down the slide. He just does this over and over again! I do love that he loves to play and isn't a whimp about things, but then he falls or something and I get nervous. Well, he was walking down the stairs of my parents patio, because he has to walk down them like a grown up not turn around and going down them on his belly or bum like a little kid, and well he fell head first onto the cement. Jess was standing right there and I saw the whole thing and I just thought that he would just jump right up and take off because it really didn't look like that bad of a fall. After he fell though he picked up his head and scraped his face on the cement as he was trying to get up! Poor guy! It scraped him from the top of his forehead all the way down to the tip of his nose! He cried for a second, but I think that it really looks worse then it really was. I just hope that it hurrys and gets healed because I wanted to do pictures once this baby gets here!
We have also hit a milestone today! Our little guy officially goes to nursery! I can't believe it. He really doesn't turn 18 months until the 20th of this month, but with the baby coming next week, or sooner, I am desperate to get him in there. I could not juggle two kids during sunday school or relief society. I went in there with him today and I was just going to sit there and see how he handled things. I knew that he would do okay, because he loves playing with other kids and who wouldn't love a ton of new toys to play with and a yummy snack! : ) Well, he was a champ! He did so good! He didn't even pay me any attention. He loved being with all the other kids, and the leaders are awesome! I am super excited for him because I know that he'll have tons of fun! I asked the leaders if it would be okay to let him come in early, and they said oh yeah he's doing great, so there's no reason why not. Plus, he's close enough to being 18 months, right! : ) On the drive home from church I was telling Jess all about it, and how proud I was of him like when some bully kid would come up to him and take his toy, he would just turn around and grab another one. I just have to add that I didn't realize that kids could be so rude at such a young age! There was this one kid that was just going around pushing kids off of their chairs just because! What a bully! I told Jess that I'm interested to see who his parents are at church next Sunday! : ) As I was telling Jess about how big our little guy is getting I got all emotional. Jess just laughed at me. I am super excited though because it was getting so hard to entertain him during Relief Society and I would look around and see all the little babies in there, and realize that mine is not such a little baby any more. He just felt to old to be lugging into class with me. Plus, I wouldn't be able to sit through a whole lesson because of Conner, so I'm looking forward to that now! I guess I'll just be starting all over with having this new baby, but atleast he'll sit still for awhile! : ) I still can't believe it first day at nursery, first nursery handout, I know it's just the beginning and before long he'll be having his first day of school! Oh my word, I want him to stay little forever! : )
Conner has also learned how to drive his first truck! Well, it's a Ford F-150 power wheels truck, but it's still powered. It goes way fast! He plays with our neighbor's son that's two, and it's his truck. For awhile there Conner would just climb up into it and sit there because he didn't know how to push the pedal to go. I was very content with that, but then all of a sudden he took off. He's still having a little stirring trouble, but after plenty of crashes I'm sure he'll figure that out too! We have come to see though that he's getting his dad's driving skills, because he does like to run into things! He ran into our neighbor's car the other day and just started laugh, little stinker! Pure craziness! He just keeps getting more and more mobile!

Ouch! : )