Almost Back to Normal!

So today was a great day compared to the weekend. Conner is pretty much back to his fun cute self, again! I love love it! He cracks me up all day and when he's not feeling good I really start to miss my little comedian! : ) This first picture is of what he wanted to wear all day today! I love the motorcyle boots, but when the day started to get later and he was still in this outfit I had to force him to change because we were not going to the store like that! : ) He's loves having shoes on because I think that he wants to be ready for when a door opens, so that he can just squeeze through and make a run for it! If he doesn't have shoes on he'll bring me shoes until I finally break down and put them on. He even sleeps in them sometimes!

Conner showing us his teeth again. It just never gets old for me! I love it! : )

Poor Sick Boy, Again!!

I give up! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but our poor little guy is sick again! Last week he woke up in the middle of night with 102 temp, and had a fever almost all night it was so sad. He also has this really nasty cough! I was going to take him to the doctor on Friday, but he woke up and was acting normal so I decided not too. I kicked myself later though because Friday night he woke up in the middle of the night again with 101 temp! I was a very tired Mom! : ) Saturday Jess' parents came over and Tom helped Jess put up our retaining wall in the back, and I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow because it looks awesome! It really makes our backyard look so much bigger! Anyways, Grammy Walters hung out with us inside and boy was Conner super boring! I was even bored because all he wanted to do was sit in front of the sliding glass door and watch the big machines push dirt around! Jess' Mom put it well when she said it was like watching grass grow! He was super needy and would not let me get anything done! He did end up taking a long nap after some playing in the dirt, so that was nice.

When I was home all day Friday with a sick super needy child I decided to get Conner's tent out for the first time. We got him this tunnel set from Costco for Christmas and it came with a couple of fun tents. I had never gotten them out yet because I just thought that it would be a mess trying to put together, but on Friday I was desperate! Turned out not as hard as I thought, and Conner is so obsessed with it! It is hilarious! He'll run into his room and try to climb into his crib to get his pillow and blanket so that he can put them in his tent. Then he has to have one of us in it with him all the time! He'll run over and grab your finger and pull you in! What a goof! He's just getting so big! He's starting to say words like crazy! He says no, yes, yeah, door, dog, ball, shoes, eye, hi, drink, of course Mommy, and Daddy, truck, and right now we're working on bye bye. We did have an incident today where I said "Oh Crap" and Conner turned around and said "Crap". Jess and I just looked at each other and cracked up, but it's starting already we're going to have to be careful what we say! Yikes! : ) It makes me sad how fast he's growing, but I know that in 6 weeks we're having another baby, so we'll get to start all over again with another cutie while Conner keeps learning his new fun things everyday.

Conner in his "Fort"! : )

Poor sick little guy! He never just sits still, so when he was just cuddled up on the couch I knew that he wasn't feeling good!

Spring Break Oregon Trip

A week ago my parents rented a house for the weekend in Lincoln City, OR since the kids were on Spring Break. They invited us along for the ride, and we were so excited! We all went last summer and had a ball, so that made it even more exciting to look forward to! The house they got was really nice, but it was too bad that we only got to stay for the weekend. I think that it just ended up going by way to fast for all of us. We all rode down together, and I was kind of nervous about taking Conner on a 6 hour car ride because he's so busy but he was a sport. Conner loved it, especially the beach. I didn't take my camera with me to the beach because I knew that I would be chasing Conner all over the place, so I need to get all the cute pictures that my Mom got and post them. She got some way good ones! We were able to hit up the way good factory outlet mall there, and we even got a visit from my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. They were able to join us for a night. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Moberg, it was an awesome weekend! : 0 )

My Aunt took us to this way cute, fun 50's diner in Newport, OR for lunch. It was tons of fun, and the food was delicious! The guys were out boogie boarding all day, so we took a little road trip without them. Conner is growing up so fast! He makes us laugh all the time! When we ask Conner to show us his teeth the picture to the left is what he does! It is my favorite thing that he does right now! I love it! : )

Our boy is obsessed with being outside! He would play out there for hours if we let him. Jess went and picked up this ball for him while we were there and he loved it so much that when we left after the weekend it was flat! : )

Pictures to come of the beautiful beach! : )