Here It Is : )

After many requests here it is, my prego pic! I can't believe that I only have 3 months left. Crazy! Time really does go by a lot faster when you're chasing after a crazy one year old all day! I had Jess take this picture tonight right before we went out for dinner, because after dinner I tend to look like I'm having twins! : ) This pregnancy has been completely opposite then Conner's! Conner's was so easy! I could have been pregnant forever with him. I never was really really sick, and never really felt uncomfortable. With this one, man I was so so so sick, and the baby is always sitting on some nerve that makes my leg go numb, or send my back into spasms. I've had a hard time sleeping too. I just really look forward to the day when I get my body back to myself. : ) All in all I really do love being pregnant. I just get a little nervous about the whole delivery part, because as we learned with Conner you never know how things are going to go. Things can change so fast. I know that everything will go okay, and we are super excited for another little guy! : ) We might have decided on a name, so I'll throw it out there. We are thinking Jace Jackson. Jace just because we like the name, and Jackson after our Grandpas. We'll see it could still change, especially with Jess, he's very undecisive. : )

6 Months Prego


Conner's Quilt and Playing Outside

Here is Conner's quilt that I had been working on forever! I made him another flannel quilt because the only one that he had was his baby quilt, so it was about time. I just found all this way cute fun fabric, and came up with my own pattern. It was pretty fun, but what quilt isn't fun to put together!? I even machine quitled it myself too! I love love this quilt!

This lovely "cute" little thing is now hanging on Conner's wall in his room. Jess found it at Cabela's, of course! Conner's not really sure what to think about it. He just looks up at it and points at it all the time. Occasionally I'll pick him up and let him pet it, but this kind of animal head will be the only kind of animal head that we will ever have in our house.

Here are just some fun pictures of Conner outside today! Of course we spend the majority of our day out there now that it's starting to get a little nice, and because Conner loves it so much. He will bring me his shoes all day until finally I break down and put them on and we head out. He's so funny because he doesn't really do much, but walk around and look at things


Finally Some Recent Updates

Finally! Okay okay I know that it has been forever, but finally we've got things working and Conner's not sick! To start off with my sweet loving husband spoiled me this Valentine's! The weekend before Valentine's we got to go to the Couer d'Alene Resort! I was super excited because he was leaving his phone calls with a lady in the office, and Conner was staying with the Grandmas, so it was like we both got the weekend off! : ) We headed down there on Saturday and of course did a little shopping and then caught a movie since we never get to do that anymore. After the movie we got to have a super nice yummy dinner at the restaurant in the resort! It was serious like the best steak I have ever had! Jess spoiled himself with some King Crab Legs! : ) We had the coolest room too! It had a lake front view and a fireplace a curtains that opened and closed with a remote! :) We made our way back to Moses Lake after a yummy breakfast and of course a quick stop at Cabela's! We missed Conner so much. It was the first time that we had ever left him over night, but of course he survived! He spent Saturday and Saturday night with Grammy Walters, and Sunday with Grandma Moberg! He didn't even realize that we had left. That Sunday night we made our way back home to Tri-Cities. Monday morning Conner and I got up with Jess to give him a ride to work because the car was at his office, and once we got there Conner threw up all over himself! It was so sad! By the time we finally got home he had thrown up 2 more times everywhere! I guess that's what we get when we go and enjoy a weekend away. He was sick last month too, but nothing like this! It lasted all week and it only got worse after Monday. He had diarrhea all week! He never had an appetit, his poor little bum was so sore, and he drank so much stinkin Pedialyte! By Friday I was a little concerned because he still had diarrhea and we all had had very little sleep. I didn't think that it was very healthy to have diarrhea like that when your still so small, so I tired to get into a Doctor, but we haven't seen one here in Tri-Cities yet so that didn't work. I could have taken him to a clinic here in town, but last month when I did that I had a really bad experience. I ended up on going up to Moses Lake on Friday and taking him to my Mom's old work. They are so great there, and I knew that they would take good care of him there. We went in and they took a stool sample to send to the lab to see if he had bacteria or anything that could be causing him to have a bad stomach, but 2 days later everything came back normal. I was kind of frustrated, because he wasn't acting like himself, and I just wanted to know what was wrong with the poor little guy. Anyways, he ended up getting 100% better by the next couple of days, so hopefully that won't be happening again ever!
We did have our ultrasound on Valentine's Day and my sweet mother came over to help me with Conner. It was so fun to see the little guy, yes guy. It is for sure a BOY! We are so so so excited! Conner and him will be 18 months apart, and it will be so much fun to watch them play and grow together. Everything looks good still, so 3 more months and this little guy will grace us with his presence! We still are having name problems, so if you guys have any suggestions please let us know. We need any help that we can get! : )
More crazy news, our little guy has moulers! : ) Moulers! I couldn't believe it! One day we were on the couch saying bye to Jess before he went to work and I just happened to look over and see two huge white things in the back of Conners mouth on the his bottom jaw! I totally freaked out because I had no idea when those popped up! Sure enough after fully looking and feeling we came to the realization that he's getting big way to fast! His top ones just broke through. What a champ though because he wasn't showing any signs of huge teeth busting through his gums. Jess joked that in celebration of Conner's new moulers we were going to have steak for dinner! ; )
Here are just some random pictures from the weeks that have past!

During Conner's sick week he had a lot of naked time. Between taking baths all day and letting his sore bum rest he spent the majority of the day clothingless.

It's so funny. The weather here right now is really nice and it's like Conner has totally discovered the outside all of a sudden! All he wants to do is go outside. All week we spent atleast an hour or two outside playing in the grass, throwing the football around, riding in his wagon, and going on walks. As soon as he's done eatting breakfast he runs and gets his shoes and brings them to me. I just set them aside just trying to act like I don't know what's going on, but then he just cries and gives them back to me. This kid is so stinkin smart there is no fooling him! After he gets his shoes on he even runs and gets his coat all by himself. He just cracks me up!

During one of our days outside he fell on the sidewalk and got his first boo boo outside. If you look right above his right eye brow he got a little scrap. His face looks sad though because we came inside not because of his boo boo. He does throw a massive fit when we come inside.

My Little Sweetie on Superbowl Sunday

So I know that this is way late, but I just wanted to do it to see what the difference looked like! This first picture is of Conner of course on his first Superbowl Sunday in 2007. The next picture is of Conner this Superbowl. How funny is the difference. Poor Conner was so bald! : )



I really never get any pictures of Conner and I together, so whenever I can grab Jess to take one of us I do!

Sleepy Head

I just love looking at Conner sleeping because it's so peaceful! Now that he's on the go everywhere he barely holds still for very long. He's such a sweetie! : ) Jess took these one day when he was on Daddy Duty.

What a cutie! He always wakes up from his naps so happy!

Oh I Love This Little Man

Kinda of Recent Pictures of Conner : )

I think that I took these of the little man around the beginning of January. He's so goofy! He makes Jess and I laugh all the time! If this next one is just like Conner we are so in for it, because not only is Conner hilarious he keeps us on our toes. Just like the other day he woke up in the morning and I could hear him talking away, but I was not ready to get up yet. He normally just plays and talks in his crib for awhile anyways, but I guess this day he was not having it, because all of a sudden I hear a thud. I run in there and sure enough he had climbed out of his crib. I like to picture it as a gracful James Bond move, but from the look on his face I don't think that it was very gracful! : ) Sure enough the crib mattress is now all the way down, so there is no way this little tike can make another escape. That's my only place I can really contain the kid!

My Sweet Boy

Our little guy loves loves loves the bath! No matter how cold the water gets he does not want to ever get out! After his week of being sick and taking like 5 baths atleast a day I thought that he would get so sick of them, but no way! I ask him if he wasnts to take a bath and starts running for the tub! I love this little guy! I can't wait until we have two of them running around! : )