So Handsome...

Where does the time go?! Conner is just so darn adorable, and is just getting so old! He's such a little toddler now, and it just breaks my heart! He's so darn handsome! I took this before church today, because he was just looking so cute! I asked him to say cheese, and this was his adorable smile that he threw out! I love this kid! I don't know what it is though, we are continuing to have a problem with nursery! He's going through some seperation issues, that he needs to grow out of ASAP! I don't know what it was, but the first couple of times that we took him to nursery he did great. He could of cared less if we were there or not, but that's not the case now little stinker! It's nice to see though that we're not the only parents going through this issue right now because there's a couple of parents stuck in there like we are. It just stinks because either Jess or I miss the whole rest of church! I really feel like it's bad right now because nursery is right during nap time, but who knows with these little kiddos! I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed that eventually things will get better, right? : ) In the mean time we off to Casey, Jess' brother's, wedding, in Phenoix. : ) We'll see how it goes on the plane with the two little kiddos. I'll give a full report when we get back! :)

So darn handsome!



I forgot to post these from a couple of weeks ago. Conner loves loves horses, and it's so funny because Grammy and Grandpa Walters have a couple, but we haven't really taken Conner out to go and see them. It's so funny to see his reaction every time that they actually come over and he gets to pet them. He just loves it! I love this little guy! He's such a goof ball. Everyday he does something just hilarious and Jess and I just look at each other and laugh. Today he woke up and ran right over to the couch and jumped up on it, and pointed at the TV and said "Cartoons", it sounded perfect! He's now starting to say new words every day, and it just amazes me how well he communicates now. Every once and awhile he'll whine, and we have to remind him to use words, but he's figuring it out. I just can't help but just want to give him loves all day!

Jess, Conner, and Cousin Preslee checking out the horses.

This little monkey. Jess and I walked away for only like 2 seconds, and he had climbed to the top of the fence. At first we weren't really concerned about it, because this kid climbs everything, but then we remembered that there was an newly installed electric fence line right next to the fence. Once the kid started to put his head throught the fence we had to pull the plug on climbing it.

Love this little guy!

Jace's Blessing Day

As promised here are the pictures from Jace's big day. He is so stinkin cute!
Here he is just lounging on my bed the morning of his blessing. I was just finishing up getting ready, and I would pop out of the bathroom and say boo and he would just giggle! He's just so sweet!

Here's cousin Ethan shootin hoops.

Sweet Preslee! :)

Me and my sweet little baby boy! I just love this baby!

Jace had a sweater that went with the outfit, but it was way too hot to wear it outside, so we just settled with the onesie! : )
Posing with both sets of Grandparents! We were so glad that they could all make it!

Our cute little family! I'm not sure what conner is doing with his foot. What a goof!

Sweet Aunt Steph! Thanks again guys for flying down for the blessing! It was lots of fun seeing you, and we so wish that we could visit with you guys more often. We love and miss you tons already!

Jace getting some snuggle time in with Grammy Walters.

Stef and Chad. : )

Hanging out with Aunt Steph. Jace was giving out his way cute smiles.

All in all it was a very fun and successful day. It was so fun to all just hang out all together, and eat yummy food!


Jace's Blessing Day

What a great day! We blessed our sweet little Jace today! It was great! My parents were there, along with Kendra and Tay of course. Then Steph and Kritt flew up for it, too! They hadn't met Jace yet, so it was so fun to have them here. Then Jess' parents came, and also Chad and Stef and the kids from Spokane. We are so thankful for our families and their support! We were glad that they were able to make it, and be there for Jace's blessing. Jess did an amazing job, and it couldn't have been any more perfect! After the blessing we were all able to hang out at our house and have a yummy dinner provided by all the amazing women that were there! It was super good, thanks again amazing mothers and sisters! We did snap some photos that I still need to upload, but for now I am calling it a night! I leave with a photo of my dear sweet little Jace, who looks so much like Conner in this picture, crazy! : )


Labor Day Weekend

Well to start out our weekend Chad, Stef and the kids met us over in Moses Lake on Friday. We had been planning on having a garage sale on Saturday, so Friday night we got all ready for it! It turned out way better then we thought. It's amazing on what junk people will buy, but I guess what's another person's junk might be someone else's treasure, right!? : ) Well, my camera was dead so no pictures to document, but thanks Chad and Stef for the fun time. We all decided that we're going to have to make this an annual thing, so we'll see if we can accumulate more junk by then! So then after the garage sale we came home to tend to our dogs, and for church the next morning. Sunday we all just hung out and watched movies. Then on Monday we made our way over to Prosser to hang out with our best friends, Ryan and Amanda. It turns out that Labor Day is a big deal in Prosser. They had a parade and a cute little carnival all set up. We were pretty impressed. We had tons of fun and Conner got to experience a lot of firsts for him. It was his first parade and he also had his first ride on carnival rides. After the parade and rides we all put the kiddos down for naps and just hung out. We ended up staying over at Ryan and Amanda's until like 9 oclock at night. We always have way to much fun with those guys. We are so lucky that they ended up living so close to us! They have 2 way cute kids, and Conner just adores Ash. To think that when we first met Ash was like 6 months old, and Jess and I had no kids. Man, times change quick! : ) Thanks guys for the fun and memorable times, and the yummy dinner! : )

Cute Ash just waiting for the parade.

The men with the kiddos.

Amanda and I with our little fellows! They are like two of the best babies in the world. They are both so laid back, and just easy going babies! They are going to be the best of friends! : )

Conner loved the parade. There were lots of cars, so he was in heaven.

Rider just hangin out!

Oh, and we can't forget about the candy. Conner had so much candy during the parade! Little stinker he just kept shoveling it in! We couldn't believe how crazy he was after all that sugar. You know he's had too much when he gets that bad, it was hilarious.

My Little Jace.

Crazy Ash.

The Dad's putting our little kiddos on the first ride! We weren't sure how they were going to take it. But they loved it! Conner threw a fit when he had to get off!

They were pointing at the lights in the middle of the ride. Ash is so cute with Conner. She'll have a whole conversation with him and his babbling it's so funny to just here him ramble off to her.
Then Amanda and I decided to treat ourselves to a little "No Kiddo" time, and ride the ferris wheel. We both decided that it had been forever since we had been on a ride. It was lots of fun.

This was later that night when we got home. Jess had to run a movie back, and this is what Conner did the whole time. He was watching for his Daddy! He's such a Daddy's boy.
I just love little guy, I just can't say it enough.

Thanks Ryan and Amanda again for such a fun Labor Day!

In The Month of August we've.......

......had lots of fun! This summer has just gone by so fast! I can't believe that kids are already back in school, and it's even starting to feel a little bit cooler outside! We'll we've done a lot of fun things this past month. Jace turn 2 months old! He got his first shots, poor little guy! He was not happy about that, but I guess who really would be. He came in at 12 lbs., and was 25" tall. I can't believe how fast he's growing! He is doing so many fun things now, he giggles and smiles all the time. I just want to just give him loves all day long. He just looks at me all the time with such a happy look in his eye, and I just can't help but just want to squeeze him! I love love my boys. Here's poor Jace with his band aids on his legs. We took Conner to the park that night and it was like a ward party. Tons of people from the ward was there. It's nice to all live in the same kind of close region. We are always running into someone it seems from the ward. Conner had fun playing with the kids!

Conner could climb up and down slides all day if we let him. I love his hair in this picture!

Then what would a summer be if we didn't make it out to the Grant County Fair. I really wanted to take Conner this year because I knew that he would just love the animals. The weather was just not in our favor though, darn. It was like 105 degrees all weekend. I couldn't believe how hot it was! We did end up going out to the rodeo Friday night with everyone. I was lots of fun. My parents, Scott, and Tay came. Then we met Jess' parents, Chad and Stef and the kids out there too. It was still way hot though even though it was like 7:00 PM. We toughed it out though. Jace and I did have to make a trip one time to the truck to go and sit in the air conditioning, but other then then he did great! Conner was climbing all over the place. He did manage to fall a couple of times, and one time it was right into Aunt Tay's ketchup from your hot dog! He got it all over his shirt and arm. Thanks to his awesome cousin ethan who came to the rescue and let Conner wear his under shirt!

What a little trooper!

Conner and Aunt Tay being goofy!

Jace hangin out with Grandma Moberg

Crazy Conner making his mom nervous by climbing all over the fence that ran along the bleachers.

We miss you Uncle Scott! He's at BYU!

Grammy Walters, and Ethan watching the rodeo.

We slipped away from the rodeo a little early so that we could run over and see the animals before they closed. I am so glad that we did because Conner just loved them! It was so funny to his reaction! He's never seen a live pig, or really any animal for that matter other then our dogs. He was so cute!

Jess had to show Conner his old stomping ground! The pig barn at the fair, where Jess made history for himself and won Grand Champion showing a pig! : )

While we were in Moses Lake at Jess' parents house with that way hot weather we had to get the slide out for the kids! It was almost too hot, but it was fun! Conner was a little timid about it, which was so funny because just like a week or so before he was all about the slip and slide at my parents house! Little stinker.

Every summer I look so forward to all the fresh fruit! YUMMY! We ate so many strawberries! I love love those things. Conner would eat a whole thing of strawberries if I let him! A kid after my own heart! : )

Our ward has these Mommy and Me play date things every week. They are usually on Thursdays or Fridays. Anyways, this past Thursday we all met together at a near by park here, and it was lots of fun! All the big kids are in school now, so it was just the little kiddos! Conner had a hay day, and for some reason I found out he likes to chase the sea gulls around that where all over this park! He's such a goof!

Looking for birds.

Yes, I found a bunch of that stuff in his diaper when we got home!

This is what Jace did the whole time! He's such a great little baby! : )

He loved the swing. He had such a tantrum when I decided that we were done swinging. I think that we're hitting the terrible twos a little early! : )

After the park we went home and Conner took a long nap! I love wearing them down at the park they just seem to nap so nicely after that. Anyways, the day before he started to act like he was getting sick. Sure enough he has his first cold of the season! It's starting already! Darn! This is what I found when I came out of my room when I went to go grab something! This kid is so sweet!

After a little rest we went outside to partake in some good old sidewalk chalk. I hadn't introduced Conner to sidewalk chalk yet, and he just loved it! He's quite the chalk hog though. He wasn't all into sharing, we're working on that!

Love that baby!