Where has the time gone...

my sweet little stinker Jace turned two last month...June 13th...to be exact. i just wanted to post some adorable pics of the handsome kid before it gets too super late...

i just melt whenever i see that stinkin cute smile of his...and he knows it...

oh conner...he does love himself a good cupcake...but seriously who could ever turn down a red velvet cupcake?

lovin the new soccer goal from grandma and grandpa

his dad was a happy man once he saw how much the boys loved the squirt guns...

jace's loves at 2:

  • loves doing anything that his older brother does
  • loves his mommy and daddy
  • loves being a boy (this kid can get dirty)
  • loves being a goof ball
  • loves making us all laugh...all the time
  • loves himself some snuggles
  • loves his grandpas and of course grandmas too
  • this kid loves loves motorcycles...he seriously can hear one a mile away
  • is starting to love watching movies
  • loves playing in the sand box and jumping on the trampoline
  • kind of loves getting in trouble (that little stinker)
  • loves his baby sister...sometimes a little too much

2 year stats: weight: 27 pounds height: 35 inches

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