...the fourth of july...

our fourth was pretty quiet and uneventful...but it was kind of nice. My parents and jess' parents are always out of town on the fourth enjoying some out of town fun...so we kind of are use to doing our own thing.

the boys made flags...and conner now knows that we live in the united states of america...but sometimes if you ask him where he lives he likes to throw you for a loop and say Mexico...still trying to figure out why...interesting...

abigail was of course there for it all...and of course she was as happy as ever...little sweetheart...i seriously would love to have triplets if they were all just like her...she's so stinkin sweet and happy all of the time...

After church on the actual fourth we just hung out and had a BBQ. I'm super sad that I didn't take any pics of our yummy food that we put together...but it was sooooo good!

The menu consisted of:

Hamburgers of course with homemade buns...yummo

homemade black bean salsa...double yummo

baked beans

fruit salad

and for dessert i made a fun fourth of july cake

(i got the idea from makeit-loveit.com)

by the looks of it...i'm pretty sure that jace enjoyed his cake

Conner after throwing a fit...he's kind of giving us a run for our money right now...he was super excited for the fireworks though

a little family fourth soccer

Once it started to get dark we headed out to watch the fireworks. the boys were super excited and we all had a ton of fun. its just fun for me to watch the boys be so excited...and thats including jess...he was pretty excited for the fireworks too. : )

proof abby and i were there

all together i think that we had a pretty successful fourth of july...


Tiffany Fackrell said...

funny that he says he lives in mexico. that is what Cambree says too. But I think it was because we were teaching her Pasco and her uncle john was in Mexico on his mission at the time and so I think pasco sounded like mexico to her. maybe he got mexico from uncle scott being there!!

I love that little conner boy, he really is a sweetheart, I am glad he is in my class!

Amanda said...

K..I can't BELIEVE how big Abigail is and I didn't even recognize Jace in one picture!! Wow..what
ADORABLE kiddos you have. Seriously, we miss you!