To Hold You Over....

So while you are waiting for me to get going on filling you in on how our life has been going, here's some of my favorite Mexico pics to hold you over. Enjoy! : )

Conner got tired on the way to lunch on the beach, so what better place to sleep then on your dad's shoulders!

Little Jacers! What's not to love! : )

My boys, minus Jace, taking it all in.

The double stroller was such a life saver! Thanks Mom!

My kids absolutely love water, thank goodness!


For any one who has not given up on me......

Holy moley! As you might have been able to tell I haven't been in the mood to blog lately, and when I was in the mood I didn't have time or the computer. I guess since I did find some time right now at 1:48 in the morning I might as well put it to some good news, and let you all now that an update post will be coming soon! No worries I am going to sort though all the "stuff" and only update you on all the "good stuff", so as not to bore you with a million page long post! : ) Lots of things have taken place from 12-04-08 to now! Here's a list of some events and milestones that I will be sorting through to add to my "update post".

~My Birthday #24 (I seriously just had to do the math to figure that out! I keep forgetting
how old I am! YIKES!)
~Conner's Birthday #2


~Christmas @ Silver Mountain

~The passing of a very loving Grandparent who is oh so missed by so many

~ New calling in church in the Young Women's (love it)


~Conner talking in complete sentences

~Jace crawling like a mad man

~Jace has 5 teeth now! CRAZY!

~Jace saying his first words (which consist of: baa baa-aka bottle

ba ba- aka bye bye with a really super cute wave

uh oh- he almost says that one perfect

~Conner knowing his colors right off the bat

~ Conner being able to count to 12 all my himself


~Jace blowing kisses so adorable

~Jace pulling himself to standing on everything

~Conner won't stop talking : )

~Awesome Spring Break trip to Mexico

~Jace trying to walk and coming oh so close
~Conner choosing to go #1 and #2 in the potty all by himself : ) Super excited about the one

~More crafting (we'll see what will come of it someday) : )

I'm sure there's plenty that went on in between all of this but these were a lot of the highlights of the past 4 months! I just want to fill in the blog world and let everyone know that we are still all alive and I am making it like #16 okay maybe #4 on my goal list of things that I need to get done, soon! : ) Thanks to everyone for all the reminding on how my blog is really getting lame to look at and not being updated! Sorry blog world I will do better, hopefully! For now I am going to try to take on the impossible and wake my sleeping husband, that fell alseep on the couch while I was watching Grey's Anatomy. Please stay tuned for pictures and updates. I'm excited to be back! : ) I'll leave you with some just a couple of pics of the crazy kiddos. Here's a cute one of Jace, because the last one he's pulling a weird face, but it was the only one that Conner held still for so until the next update.......