The Ironmen

The Challenge! Now it's Scott's turn.

The Clan : )

I'm so sad! Right when it was crucial for my camera to be great, it fails me. All of my pictures that I took right after the race of all of us congratulating Dad are all blurry! I am so mad! They still have sentimental value, so here they are.

Tay was finally able to give Dad her congratulatory kiss.

It was pretty funny when he came down to the finish line. A lot of people had family members run with them down to the finish line, so Kendra and Tay were planning on running with Dad when he was coming. Kendra jumped up when she saw him and started to run, but Dad thought that she was trying to race him, so he took off in a dead sprint. Here I was thinking that I was all set up for some good pictures, and then they just come racing by! People got a good laugh out of it. Even after all of the miles that he put on he was still able to get the last bit of energy out in a sprint for the finish.
Way to go!

At the Finish Line

Almost done.

There he goes.

Conner finally fell asleep. Poor guy.
Here he comes for one more support cheer from the support group. This was the last time that we saw him before the finish line. Still going strong.

The guys just hangin out.

This guy ,as you can see, has no legs. People Magazine, and a bunch of others were going to do articles on him and interviews if he finished the Ironman. Sadly later we found out that he didn't finish in the given time. They cut everyone off at midnight.
Here he comes. He's about half way done, and still holding strong.

Crazy people. Who runs a marathon in a hula skirt, let alone jean cut offs!

The Ironman was in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. This is the main street with all the shopping. It was all closed off and it was the last leg into the finish line.
It was pretty cool because they had a camera on the finish line, so you could just watch this big screen and see everyone come across.
Poor Tay, she hates the loud noises. This is how she was pretty much most of the night.

So many people!

We caught him running by, and gave him a quick high five to keep him going.
There he goes.

Here he goes. After over 9 hours of swimming and biking he takes off for 5 hours of running with a thumbs up. He looked really good for pretty much non stop exercising.