Our future Cowboy!

This is how Conner normally ends up when he gets tired of bouncing

Here's Conner looking good in his tuxedo onesie! : )

Conner loves his little dog. As soon as we put it in front of him he grabs it...

and shoves it into his mouth.

Conner's first Easter!

Conner's hanging out with Great Grandpa Wade at the reception.
Grandpa was just getting him laughing it was so funny!

After pictures at the park we all went to El Rodeo, a Mexican Restaurant in Moses Lake,
and grabbed some grub.

Conner's getting ready to eat! : )

It was April's birthday, so we couldn't have gone through the day without singing Happy Birthday!

After the wedding in Tri-Cities we had to go back to Moses Lake & take pictures
at Macosh Park.

Don't you love Conner's flower, Aunt April made him and Emmet
matching ones for the wedding.


Steph looked so pretty! : )

Here's our cute little family outside of the temple after the sealing.

Scott with Ronie Jo.

Here's our great dog Cabo enjoying his toy, that is now
gone since he chewed out all of the stuffing
in it.

Conner cracks us up. We were at Red Lobster and Conner just
couldn't figure out if he was happy or tired.

We all made the trip to the Sun Dome to cheer Kendra on
at Drill Team State. They did great! They got first on both
of their performances.
Conner with Aunt Kendra after her great performance.

As you can tell Conner loves Drill Team Competitions.

Conner just sleeping the day away with Aunt Steph