Conner sleeping away Christmas Day.

Conner got a little hungary.

Mommy's Little Present.

This is how Jess gets Conner to burp.

Jess and Conner on Christmas Eve.

Stephanie, Kendra, & Me on Christmas Eve.

Conner on Christmas Eve.

Getting ready to go to Moses Lake for Christmas.

Jess, Conner, and Cabo all taking a nap on the couch.

Conner fell asleep in his carseat on the ride home, but we finally made it! : )

Jess putting him in the truck to take him home.

Conner in his carseat for the first time, waiting for the car ride home.

Conner in his "My First Christmas" outfit, getting ready to leave the hospital.

Getting ready to go home.

Conner with his bear from Grandma Moberg.

Conner's saying hello to the camera.

Conner showing off his chest and his Christmas spirit. : )

Conner's little dry feet. : )

Conner just checking things out with Mom.

The big weigh in. Conner came in at 6 pounds and 9 ounces.

Conner with Grandma Moberg.

Conner, Jess, and Gramee & Gramps Walters.

Jess, Me, Conner, and Dr. Messinger our fabulous doctor.

Here's the proud papa!

Here's Conner!! This was right after he was born. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, so they had to help him breath at first.

The top chart was Conner's heart rate, and the bottom chart was the contractions.

Here I was patiently waiting for the grand arrival of Conner. : )

Poor Jess this nap was well needed after a long night of getting settled into the hospital.


This is Jess and I the day of my Baby Shower in Moses Lake, and the day of the Apple Cup in Pullman, WA. The guys just got back from the big game, and I was showing Jess all the fun baby stuff that we got! We were taking some pictures before going over to his parents house and he decided to be funny and stuff a balloon in his shirt. I don't know I think that he got me in the size category, but I know that before too long I'll definitely catch up! : 0 )